Ask The Rockabilly Socialite Interview

Interview by Ponyboy Mag!

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

The Rockabilly Socialite, Miss Dollie Deville, photographed by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy Magazine.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Alexander Thompson of Ponyboy Magazine. This interview was a long time coming- He had taken a few photos of me while we were in Las Vegas, then he interviewed me when I got back to California and the interview was posted while I was in Boston. So I am just not getting around to sharing it with you all! I didn't want to let this pass by because it is quite an honor to be photographed by Alexander Thompson and be interviewed for Ponyboy. I think the interview turned out really well, but the photos take the cake! Please read it on Ponyboy Mag's site!

A big thank you to Alexander and everyone at Ponyboy!


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