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Atomic Swag!

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

We recently got some new tees from our friends over at Atomic Swag. They have been a big hit so far, so we thought we would share them. 

I have wanted this Texas tee with the bucking bronco for quite awhile. I love how colorful their new state tees are. Atomic Swag tees are always my favorite in cut and quality.  The women's tee is cut in at the waist, has a lower neckline and shorter, tapered shoulders/sleeves. Yippee-oh-ki-yay for Atomic Swag! 

I love this Mau Mau Shrunken Head print tee. It is from a vintage hotel in South Africa, not an actual shrunken head company. Thank goodness! As with all Atomic Swag tees, this tee is 100% cotton, pre-shrunk and printed using water based ink for the vintage feel. These tees won't shrink, peel or fade. 

Zack and I recently traveled to The New England Shake-Up and The Rockabilly Rockout where we lost count of how many times we saw someone wearing an Atomic Swag shirt. Whether it was their lunch time casual or late night boppin' outfit the feedback was always the same; everybody remarked about the soft fabric and amazing comfortability of the shirts. And Atomic Swag is always adding new, sharp looking designs. Just after we received these two they released the latest in their States series - Oklahoma! Be sure to check in regularly on their website to stay up to date with all their designs.  

Thanks to Atomic Swag for making the coolest tees around!


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