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Interview: Tom Ingram of The Rockabilly Rockout

5:00 AMDollie Simpson

One of the events coming up that I'm most looking forward to attending is the brand new weekender, The Rockabilly Rockout. The event is being promoted by none other than the head man at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, Tom Ingram. To say that Tom is a busy man is a huge understatement. Planning the details for Viva Las Vegas is alone a full time job and now he's added The Rockabilly Rockout to his already full plate. I knew he'd be excited though to talk a bit more about the Rockout, so a big thanks to Tom for taking time out of his schedule. 

Dollie: Thats for taking the time to talk to us about your new rockabilly weekender. How did the idea for the Rockabilly Rockout come about and how long has it been in the works?  

Tom: I had been thinking about it for a while and with Viva Las Vegas increasing in size I felt it was time to bring back a smaller, music only event.

D: It seems like people are always asking for another weekender from you. In the past there was a second Las Vegas weekender, Rockabilly Rave U.S.A., that wasn't able to last past year two. Do you have higher hopes for The Rockout?

T: I do have higher hopes for The Rockout. When we did the Rave USA, we timed it really badly with the recession, plus VLV moved to The Orleans meaning both events were at the same hotel.

D: In what ways are you trying to make the Rockout different than Viva Las Vegas?

T: Firstly, being in a different hotel. Then having music only rather than all of the other events VLV has. We are laying things out a bit differently such as a DJ and dance floor in the vendor room. For those who want them we are using passcards instead of wristbands, but these have to be made in advance.

" only rather than all of the other events VLV has."

D: We are really looking forward to being back at The Gold Coast. I hear a lot has changed there. Is it fun or somewhat nostalgic for you to be back planning a event at the Gold Coast?

T: I thought it would be nostalgic going back there but it is not really. Most of the staff have changed and it is the original staff I will miss. Some of the layout has changed there as well. The East Lounge has gone and there are new restaurants.

D: I know we haven't even had the first one yet, but are there already plans in the works for a 2nd year?

T: I have a second one in the back of my mind but nothing is confirmed yet. I hope there will be a second one. We will see how the first one goes and what people think of it.

D: How has the response been so far, do you expect the event to sell out?

T: The response has been good. I always expect (hope) that every event sells out. What you never know is how many people will turn up and pay on the day.

D: What acts are you most looking forward to having perform?

T: I always look forward to every act and hope that as the event is smaller I will get to see more bands than I do at VLV.

D: Any other info you want to include for our readers?

T: For people paying on the day, the tickets are the same price as the advance tickets.

Thanks again to Tom for setting aside some time to chat with us. The Rockabilly Rockout is sure to be a weekend not to be missed. For everyone that has been saying they wanted a stripped down music focused weekender, well this is it! Make sure you buy your tickets so you can forever say, "I was at the first one!" 

What do you think about the upcoming Rockabilly Rockout? What do you think about the bands? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


We interviewed Tom before a couple years ago!

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