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The Outta Sites Shake Up the Bay Area!

5:00 AMZack Simpson

From August 21-24, The Outta Sites hit the road and set their compass heading due North to the San Francisco Bay Area to play 3 shows. The trip marked the first time the band would  travel to Northern California and everyone was excited to see how they would fare. 

Before we arrived though there was, of course, the fun roadside attractions we all had to stop at. One of those stops was a place called Bravo Farms. The attraction was decorated in the style of an old west boardwalk. There was a ice cream stand, wine and cheese tasting, and a novelty gift shop complete with a small antique section on the upstairs level. The prices were for the most part very fair, with some great scores if you paid attention. 

Among the items they seemed to specialize in were jadeite salt and pepper shakers. They also had a lot of old aluminum signage, which was very fitting given their roadside location. There was only one issue I had, and it involved a pair of matching porcelain wall figurines. Every good seller knows that you simply do not break up matching sets - it makes for bad vintage karma! And yet, that's exactly what happened when I went to purchase these figures. Rather than $50 for the pair as I thought they were, the store said they were $50 a piece! I pleaded my case but there was no budging and I unfortunately had to leave the pair to dance together on the store shelves.

The first stop along the way for the band would be The Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda. After spending 6 hours stuffed in cars nothing takes the edge off quite like a potent elixir of tropical rums. It was very relaxing to lose our road weariness inside the lush confines of the lounge. 

After getting warmed up from the many tiki drinks consumed, it was finally time for The Outta Sites to take the stage. 

There isn't a huge stage area inside the bar but it was no problem for the band who seems to be at their best when the audience is up front dancing with them. The crowd really packed in to see them and were shimmy dancing and singing their favorites right back at the band. Everybody seemed to have a great time and a lot of new friends were made!

Being on the road with The Outta Sites is like a traveling circus. There are a total of 6 performers, and when combined with husbands and wives we had a total of 9 people traveling with the band. So at night when it came to finding places to sleep we were very fortunate that we have some great friends in the Bay Area.  One of those friends is none other than Mitch Polzak of the band, The Royal Deuces. Mitch and his girlfriend Hilary were so kind to shack us up in their wonderfully charming home in the small coastal town of Port Costa. And to make things even cooler, Mitch is the Mayor of Port Costa! Our first time visiting and we get to stay at the Mayor's home! 

The road out of Port Costa took us through the city of Martinez where we grabbed a bite to eat and enjoyed the sites and antique stores. Most the shops knew what they had and prices reflected, but I was able to score a Lilli Ann of San Francisco coat for a steal! Our favorite part of Martinez is that it was naturalist John Muir's (a personal hero to Zack and I) home and many things in the city are named after him. Continuing on from Martinez, we followed a country highway that criss-crossed the banks of the Sacramento River for near 40 miles on our way to the next gig. We saw many old buildings built on the industry that the mighty river once provided. 

Up next for the boys was a private event in Sacramento held at Shonda Honkanen's home. Shonda is the promoter for the event Sacramento Swingtime and will occasionally hold private events at her home for touring bands. The setting was intimate and good natured. 

Our friends Dan and Dawn, allowed a few of us to stay at their place after that night's show. Their kindness in doing this cannot be overstated as they had just moved in a week or so prior and also having a young, super cute toddler, named Daniel. This goes to show how kind the rockabilly community is. You can meet someone at Viva Las Vegas, then have friends to stay with next time you come through town! The next morning we got a recommendation from Dan for a amazing local antique mall which we'll spotlight in a future post.

Onward to Pacifica for the last show of the weekend, to be held at Winters Tavern. The lineup for this show was great, with The Ogres, The Slacktones and The Two Tens sharing the bill. 

The venue was a really fun place, specializing in nothing but local craft beers on tap. "No crap on tap," was their slogan. The night was loud, hot and crowded, but in all the best ways. Later that night, while ordering a burrito in downtown San Francisco there was a magnitude 6.0 earthquake that shocked through the city. The Outta Sites definitely shook up San Francisco, and with that we headed home the next morning. 

Thank you to everyone who came to see The Outta Sites play, everyone that let us crash at their pad, and everyone that bought us a drink. I can't wait to go back!


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  1. WOW!!! Like old home week for me! I sure miss the San Francisco Bay Area & 'Sac-o-tomatoes' sometimes. I'm glad you had a great time...well, except the earthquake. Hate earthquakes! I SURE don't miss those!!!

    1. San Francisco is a great city, we had a lot of fun. We really hardly felt the quake. We were at El Farolitos in the Mission at around almost 4am and it was just a very sudden shock that swept through.

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