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The Bellfuries, Amber Foxx and More!

5:00 AMZack Simpson

We spent the Sunday of Dollie's birthday weekend at a real doozy of a show, located at a bar called Boondocks in Corona,CA. The Bellfuries were in town! And not just The Bellfuries, but also Amber Foxx, JW Long and The Weyman Creek Boys and The Midnight Boys! Talk about a birthday treat!

The Midnight Boys were up first but we unfortunately hadn't recovered from our previous night's hangover to catch their set. We felt really bad about it as the Boys are good friends of ours. When we arrived, the band on the stage was JW Long and the Weyman Creek Boys.

JW Long is the little brother of Amber Foxx and very talented in his own right. His style is a fun mix of yodeling cowboy songs and hillbilly old timey music, topped off with a sprinkle of punk rock. The crowd was very quick to sing and dance along!

Next up was the always fantastic Amber Foxx. We've written about Amber many times before on this site and what else is left to say? She's a sweetheart of a person and her voice is the best in the West! Her and her band never fail to get people out on the dancefloor. Be sure to go see them perform if you have a chance!

After Amber we patiently awaited The Bellfuries, one of our very favorite bands. We don't usually get to see them much in California but lately they've been out on the road a lot and this was the second time this year we've been able to see them. Lucky us that we'll be able to see them one more time when we travel to The New England Shake-Up

The Bellfuries were amazing, as usual, and capped off a great weekend of birthday festivities for Dollie. They played for a nice long time and covered all their hits. After the show there was time for more dancing, more beers and plenty of photo ops with good friends. What a fantastic time it was!

-Zack Simpson
The Rockabilly Gentleman

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