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OOTD Social Club: Harlequin Week!

5:00 AMZack Simpson

Last week we had our most successful week yet in the OOTD Social Club. The theme was harlequin print and it was a big hit! I even set different themes for each day of the week. This theme really showcased how colorful the vintage community is! 

The first theme was vintage harlequin. I wore my vintage harlequin top with a vintage black skirt. 

Check out this lovely reader in her vintage harlequin pant set. I adore this! 

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We also had a day where we all wore our harlequin print Eshakti dresses. I love Eshakti because all of their dresses are customizable, including the hem length, sleeves, and bust line. They also come in size 0-36! You can find it by clicking the link below or my side bar, and searching for "tribal geo print", which is what they call it. 

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The weekend was Pinup Girl Clothing harlequin themed. I wore my PUG shorts with a red Heart of Haute Trixie top. Brooch by Classic Hardware. It was a fun outfit! 

These ladies look awesome in their PUG harlequin print outfits! I love to see how everyone styles their outfits uniquely. 

Lastly, I had to wear my Wendy shorts from Lady K Loves. I paired it with a top by Heart of Haute.

Thank you to all of the lovely ladies who participated in the harlequin theme this week! Remember to keep using the #OOTDsocialclub hashtag to be featured here! We are almost to 4,000 tags! 


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  1. I love harlequin prints and what a great idea to feature both vintage and repo designs. So fun to see all these wonderful ladies in their beautiful outfits!

  2. I love your vintage harlequin top! And that vintage harlequin pants set is too cute. So many cute harlequin outfits all around! :D

  3. really lovely pictures, what i like the most is the fabric quality used for the dress.
    Share some Fabric for ethics wear hope you will like it.

  4. I never comment and I should...but I do read you every post. LOVE your lifestyle.


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