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OOTD Social Club: Back To School

8:54 PMDollie Simpson

This weeks theme for the Outfit of the Day Social Club was"back to school" in honor of kids everywhere returning to the classroom. I chose to commemorate this occasion with some vintage school appropriate looks. This first look is a vintage skirt, Heart of Haute top, Forever 21 sweater and shoes from Payless.  

This vintage dress was from my grandmother and the perfect dress to wear to swing dancing lessons. I paired it with Remix wedges and vintage accessories.  

This vintage dress and bolero were also from my grandmother. This vintage dress is unique because the top is completely sheer black material above the waist, then this bolero type top is worn over it. It was much more flattering on than I was expecting. 

Here were some of my favorite back to school looks from other OOTD Social Club participants. They look like great students! I like that some are "preppy' looks, some are "cool" looks and some are down right "bad girl"! 

The theme this week is harlequin. For the first time I have really structed this week. So each day has it's own theme in the week:

Monday: Vintage Harlequin
Tuesday: Vintage Harlequin 
Wednesday: Vintage Harlequin
Thursday: Eshakti Harlequin
Friday: Homemade Harlequin
Saturday: PUG Harlequin 
Sunday: PUG Harlequin 

You can participate one day or all of the days. Just make sure to tag #ootdsocialclub when you post your photos. Feel free to tag me and share as well. What is a theme you would like to see in the future for OOTD Social Club?


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  1. You are lucky to still have some clothes from your grand mother!!!!

  2. I'm newish to your blog and just discovered your OOTD Social club, this sounds like a fun way to get motivated and inspiration. So wonderful that you have clothing from your grandmother, what a treasure.

    She Knits in Pearls


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