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5:00 AMDollie Simpson

Fall is officially here! How about you fall in love with the advertisers who keep this site going? I know I have!

The New England Shake-Up! The New England Shake-Up starts today! Hopefully you got your tickets, your hotel reservation and you are on your way. If not, there is still time, if you are local to Boston. You can still buy tickets at the event, either full weekend passes or day passes. You can also still book a nearby hotel. You can find info on the hotels on the website. I am sure you have already seen the awesome line-up: The Bellfuries, Big Sandy, Jittery Jack, The Millwinders, The Outta Sites, Roy Rapid, Amber Foxx and more. Everyone is talking about it! Other cool events have also been added, such as a pinup workshop put on by Cherry Dollface and a guitar seminar put on by Sean Mencher! I am already here in Boston, so if you see me, come say hi! I will have FREE Rockabilly Socialite chapsticks to giveaway. When I get back, I will make sure to report everything that happened!

The Rockabilly Rockout is only a week away! I know some people are joining us from all parts of the globe to attend this exclusive rockabilly weekender in it's first year, and I hope you are going to be one of them. The hotel sold out almost immediately, which it promising. However, at the time I write this, a few tickets are still available. That means that there is still time for you to attend this event in it's first year! Only 1,500 tickets total were being sold for this weekender, to keep the intimate and exclusive feeling. 

This weekender proves to be different than what you have come to know as a Las Vegas weekender. It is what this weekender won't have that makes it special. The Rockout won't have an official car show, only preferred top deck parking for classic cars. There also won't be burlesque, pinup contest, or multiple bands playing at once. Nope, this weekender is unique because it's just about a select number of great bands, DJ's and vendors fit for a small crowd of 1,500. From my understanding, there will only be one room of music with DJ's in between, so you won't have to run from room to room to see everything. You can stay in one place, enjoy your adult beverages and be sure to see everything. There will also be a vendor room full of the best in vintage clothing, records, and even a small dance floor and DJ set up. During the day guests can sit buy the pool, enjoy all of the restaurants and walk the strip. Hopefully this weekend will be the perfect mix of relaxation and rock and roll!

If you are up for a crazy weekend in Vegas, why not come? Book a flight on Southwest, get a nearby hotel and buy your tickets at the door! You won't regret it! I for one and really looking forward to seeing Carlos and The Bandidos, Don Maddox, and Young Jesse. I hope to see you there! 

Rockabilly Socialite Vintage Look at that, I am my own advertiser! I recently re-listed everything in my shop with new SALE prices! Check it out, you may find something you can't live without. When I get back from vacation, I will also be adding a ton of vintage swimsuits, dresses, and purses. So feel free to favorite my shop so you can see when they get posted. Rockabilly Socialite Vintage, for the Socialite in you!

If you are not familiar with Bow and Crossbones, it is an independent UK based website offering jewelry, clothing and home wares. Bow and Crossbones was started in 2008, with one woman who was unimpressed with the selection of vintage reproduction jewelry on the market. She started making jewelry by hand and it was an instant hit! And so Bow and Crossbones was born! 

Luckily for us in the US, Bow and Crossbones is coming to vend at The Rockabilly Rockout! They will have their vintage reproduction lucite jewelry, novelty brooches, bamboo jewelry, chiffon scarfs and more. They have such a wide variety of stuff at great prices. So, of course I was super excited to hear that Bow and Crossbones would be vending. If you happen to be at The Rockabilly Rockout, please stop by their booth and check them out. If you can't attend, you can always shop online too! 

I am so excited to welcome Hula Moon by Good Rockin' Daddy as an advertiser. If you are not familuar with Hula Moon Swimsuit Company, it is a new swimsuit line brought to you by Good Rockin' Daddy. They specialize in vintage style swimsuits in plus sizes, as those can be hard to find. They are unique because they sell all of there swimsuit pieces separately, so you can mix and match sizes. That is a huge plus that not a lot of stores offer. They are based here in sunny Southern California, and all of the suits are made in the USA. If that wasn't enough, they also come in a lot of fun colors, like the three I picked above. If you are anything like me, you like to have options! I picked the two piece in jade, as seen on the left. It is so cute! I can't wait to wear it out and show it off. I highly recommend you snag one of these suits right away! 

Thanks to all of my advertisers who keep this site going, I couldn't do it without you!

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