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To the Middle of Beyond and Back!

12:06 PMZack Simpson

Do you feel that breeze?  Or the leaves beginning to brown and pile at your feet?  Well, you know what that means, Fall is right around the corner.  And with this news comes the excitement and realization that sweater weather is nearly upon us!  Time to stock up.  Luckily for you, Middle of Beyond, has got you covered.  

The Native American Indian Knit cardigan will keep you looking cool, when the weather has you feeling cool.  This fantastic sweater is made of 100% acrylic and comes in sizes XS through 3XL.  It features a 5 button closure leading up to a shawl collar that is sure to fight back the nipping winds.  Vibrant red, green and tan combined with dual Indian heads and a teepee are sure to make you stand out in a frosty crowd.  

Located in Austin, Texas, Middle of Beyond, or, M.O.B., was created by tattoo artist Ezra Haidet.  Originally featuring cardigans and sweaters, they are now quickly expanding into other lines of apparel, toys and even home goods.  It seems everyone is catching on to their kitschy fun style.  A tour of their website will show photos of Flea from the band The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame sporting the latest M.O.B. designs.  It seems great success is in their future.

One of our favorite features of The Native American Indian Knit cardigan was how wonderfully unisex the cardigan is! We originally planned to spotlight the cardigan towards the socialite side of things, however it quickly became apparent that The Native American Indian Knit was just as capable of sporting to the gentleman. Now we just need to figure out who gets to wear it on those flustery blustery days - "It's mine," "No it's MINE!!!" Luckily, the quality of the garment is second to none and will be able to stand up just fine to the rigors of us pulling back and forth as we squabble for ownership rights! You'll be hard pressed to find a more solidly constructed sweater for the price. Go ahead and look, but we won't hold our breath!

Cold weather and the holiday season are fast approaching. Make sure you have the most awesome-o sweater at your work party. Or how about a really fun gift for your own Socialite or Gentleman. What else do you need to hear? Get on over to Middle of Beyond right now and buy threeve of everything! That's a combination of three and five! You won't regret it.

Which M.O.B. sweater do you like best? Let us know in the comments below.

Dollie The Rockabilly Socialite
Zack The Rockabilly Gentleman

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  1. I love this sweater so much! It's definitely coming to Boston with me this fall!


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