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9:35 AMDollie Simpson

Hello friends, Dollie here! I am so pleased to finally be announcing the addition of another full time author here on The Rockabilly Socialite. For a long time I have wanted to take on another contributor to this site, but it was hard to find the perfect person. I eventually realized that the perfect person has been there all along. Whether you know it or not, my husband Zack has been influential on this blog since day one. He has always been my biggest supporter, my go-to for a second opinion and my proof reader. He will make the perfect blogging partner because he is immensely knowledgeable about music (even from the "inside"), he is a creative writer and he is also has great tastes. He will fit in perfectly! I'm happy to keep this blog in the family because I want to always make sure the quality is top knotch! Having him on board will allow me time to explore more topics on this blog and allow me more time to focus on cultivating some creative skills. I hope you continue to show him the love and support that you have all showed me throughout the years. So without further ado, let me introduce you to The Rockabilly Gentleman: 

Alright boys, you’re on in five...

Plug in. Volume up. A quick glance through dimmed lights. A swill of beer and a deep breath. Step to the mic, the show is about to begin...

Hello friends, welcome to my collaboration with The Rockabilly Socialite. I hope you’ll find it to be a preeminent destination for your rockin’ culture needs. In the coming weeks and months we plan to bring you the scoop on all the rockin’ events, hot artists and coolest products we can cover. You’ll read interviews, historical insights and album reviews among a plethora of other topics.

Who is The Rockabilly Gentleman? I am a Los Angeles based musician who’s been obsessed with rockabilly and roots music for as long as I can remember. You can currently find me playing with Blue Collar Combo, The Outta Sites and Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague and his 18 Wheelers.  I've been blessed to share the stage with Deke Dickerson, Big Sandy, Dave Stuckey, Los Straitjackets, and even Albert Lee, among others. I hope to share my exciting and not always glamorous perspective of being a working musician while still holding a day job. 

The past several years I've been working closely behind the scenes with my wife's blog, The Rockabilly Socialite. Now that I’ve officially hopped, skipped and jumped on board I plan to bring a wide range of content more specifically aimed towards the rockabilly gentlemen. Ladies, Kittens and Betties, I certainly won't forget about you, The Rockabilly Socialite and myself will continue to work together to bring you all the latest in hep-kitten news!

...And there you have it. The lights are up and it’s time to take the stage. Let’s make this thing ACTION PACKED!

-The Rockabilly Gentleman


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  1. good on ya brother, looking forward to some stories!

  2. Excited to hear this news! A husband and wife team sounds just about perfect. Even though the Rockabilly Gentlemen will be writing for the masculine crowd, I'm looking forward to what he has to say :D Cool news!

  3. Brilliant can't wait to hear more about new bands to follow! x


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