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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Rhythm Bomb Records

10:30 PMDollie Simpson

For the next installment of "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things" I wanted to talk about my favorite record label: Rhythm Bomb Records. Rhythm Bomb is a record label based out of Hamburg, Germany. It has been around since 2003 and is only gaining in popularity as the years pass. It seems that most of my current favorite albums were released on Rhythm Bomb records, so it seemed too good not to share. 

I bought Jittery Jack's (Boston) newest release Gonna Have A Time at Viva Las Vegas and it became my new favorite album before I even made it home. Jittery Jack really found "his" sound in this album. It's polished, yet raw. The lyrics keep you engaged because they are just so clever and you hear something new each time you give it a listen. Specifically, the songs "Peek-a-boo Honey", "Little Red Book", and "Let's Get Loose". Really, any of the songs on this album could fit into that section. I also feel somewhat attached to Boston now just because you can feel how much he loves his hometown, like in the songs "BOSTON My Home Town" and "Boston Baby". In my opinion, this album is in the lead for rockabilly album of the year, so if you don't own it, get on it! 

Let's Go Sparkin' With The SideWynders was the long awaited sophomore album of one of LA's best rockabilly bands. The wait was well worth it because this album did not disappoint. This band has literally grown up together (the three original members are cousins), and it is evident from the first album to the second.  Rene Cervantes' voice is only getting better with time. He really sung his heart out in this album, like only a man with a broken heart could. He could make Hank Williams cry. Ramon Espinoza has crafted his skills on guitar thanks to long tours with Kim Lenz. The addition of Shorty Poole is nothing short of genius. Do yourself a favor and get this album, then go see them open up at The Rockabilly Rockout this Oct. 

Dale Rocka (Italy) ended up being one of the biggest surprises of 2014 for me. I knew I loved them as soon as I saw them. I guess you call that love at first sight.  I had to buy their record at Viva Las Vegas so I could take them home with me, and boy am I glad I did. I love this album! It still can't quite compare to their live show, but it's a close second. This album has a permanent place in my 6 CD changer! 

I first saw Marc & The Wild Ones (Germany) when Marc did a few songs at the Rhythm Bomb Records weekender last fall. I am glad I finally got their album! I would love to see a full set from this band, but until then the record will have to do! 

I also recently picked up Ruby Ann's (Portugal) latest album, Running Wild. I can't talk about Rhythm Bomb Records without talking about Ruby Ann. This album was recorded at one of my favorite studios: Hi-Style Studio (Chicago). Ruby Ann is backed by some of my favorite musicians also, including Alex Hall (piano), Beau Sample (double bass), Joel Paterson (guitar and harmonica), Eddie Clendening (guitar), and even Ms. Jiving herself, Sophia Wolff (backing vocals). Since this whole post is a list of favorites, I will continue it with a list of favorite songs on this album: "Bossman", "You Gotta Pay", and "Heartless Man". If you couldn't catch Ruby Ann last time she was in the states, why not pick up her album?

Thank you to Rhythm Bomb Records for picking fantastic bands to put on your record label. Keep up the good work!


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  1. Keeping rockabilly alive in 2014.....Awesome bands and label!


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