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The most rocking Zombie film of the year, is coming to DVD, July 1st!

Rockabilly Zombie Weekend is a new feature length horror thriller with a rocking twist on the modern zombie film. It's currently being released on DVD on July 1st, 2014 through Green Apple Entertainment. The film (as well as other merchandise) can be purchased at the Official Website as well at other major online retailers.

Rockabilly Zombie Weekend Synopsis: When Becky and Grant arrive at their rockabilly-themed wedding, despite warnings of a West Nile Virus outbreak, things go horribly wrong as the mosquito-spread virus spawns zombies, who begin feeding on the wedding guests as well as the other locals. The two newlyweds have to escape along with their family and friends if they ever want to live to see their honeymoon!

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The film stars Christina Bach Norman (2-Headed Shark Attack, Cassadaga), J LaRose (Insidious, Repo: The Genetic Opera, Saw III & IV), Seth Petruzelli (Professional MMA), Daniel Baldock (Game On!), Michelle Elise, J. Benedict Larmore and Emily Cutting.

Written and Executive Produced by Tammy Bennett, Directed by Jaime Velez Soto (Turning Back) and Produced by Melissa Gruver (Missionary, Cassadaga), Randy Molnar (The Tenant) and Steven Shea (2:22, Fiend Fatale, Doomsday County).

Since 2005, Green Apple Entertainment's mission has been to unearth first-rate content and deliver them to audiences through traditional platforms and evolving new media. They work directly with filmmakers to cultivate superior product and fresh viewing experiences for a variety of audiences. They are headquartered in South Florida, but have an international presence in over 30 territories.

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The soundtrack to Rockabilly Zombie Weekend has been released to fans worldwide. The 17 song soundtrack is now available in hardcopy CD from the Rockabilly Zombie Weekend website and in digital format. The album features original music heard in the film from 10 Florida bands and one Louisiana band.

   Rockabilly Zombie Weekend was always intended to be a horror movie with a focus on music. As an Orlando based film, the soundtrack music was meant to complement the film yet also work to promote the talent of many of Central Florida’s Americana and Rockabilly bands. Rockabilly Zombie Weekend placed the soundtrack production in the hands of Jeff Ward, of Suede Shoe Productions and Studio in Longwood. There the Rockabilly Zombie Soundtrack was created, including tracks from Orlando bands:  Killer Moonshine, Rocket 88, The Bloody Jug Band, Big Jef Special, The Funky Blues Messiahs, Dead River and El Jefe as well as Titusville, Florida band Slip and The Spinouts, Tampa Florida’s The Dive Bar Stalkers and Miami area act The Van Orsdels and one New Orleans Americana act, Domenic Fusca.

   A Rockabilly Zombie Weekend script writer autographed soundtrack CD with an official button is available from the Rockabilly Zombie website. The movie soundtrack can also be downloaded from online music sites such as:  iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, Rdio, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, Muve Music, Xbox Music and more. Own the music featured in Rockabilly Zombie Weekend and enjoy the sound of the movie whenever, wherever you want.   

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