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VLV 17: Wednesday Night

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

-Continued from my VLV 17 series-

The official Viva Las Vegas pre-party took place on Wednesday night at Big Al's inside the Orleans. This event is a separate entrance fee because it's technically not part of VLV, but it's worth every penny. This year was the best one yet in my opinion. The night opened with Big Sandy MCing and The Rip'em Ups (Los Angeles) taking the stage first. This was the perfect band to kick off the night with. Their high energy performance always gets everyone in a good mood. Their song "I Want To Love You" was stuck in my head all weekend, it's a great one! 

Next up was none other than Jittery Jack (Boston). He was backed up by one the best guitar players in the biz, Miss Amy, Shorty Poole on slap bass and Sugarballs on drums. He played some of the songs from his new record, Gonna Have A Time.  It was great to see him again, he is such a trouble maker! I will have more info on Jittery Jack and his new album in a subsequent post. 

I took way too many pictures, and I had to show you some of them, so here is a big collage! Such a lovely and talented group of people. I am lucky to know such cool folks! I ended up wearing a Surf'n'Sand dress I bought from The New England Shake-Up. I paired it with vintage wedges, vintage jewelry and homemade seashell hair clips. 

Next up was Miss Ruby Ann (Portugal). I was really looking forward to seeing her again. She doesn't come to the U.S. nearly enough! I can understand why, as seeing her luggage was lost on the way over and she arrived to the hotel hours before her show with only the clothing on her back. She didn't let it get to her though, and she still gave a killer performance. She also didn't let it get to her when some masked hooligan came on stage in a cape and little else. She was all smiles the whole time, what a pro! I will have more info on Miss Ruby Ann and her new album, Running Wild, in a future post!  

The headliner for the night was the Stompin' Riffraffs (Toyko). This was my first time seeing them and I was blown away before they even started playing. This four piece band consists of a male front man who plays guitar and is backed up by an all-female band. These girls are not only crazy cute in their matching gold fringe mini dresses and fishnet tights, but they are crazy talented too! It is so great to see so many female musicians represented at VLV. I loved that their keyboard player stood on top of the keyboard to play under her leg, play a tambourine and a theramin. Every song seemed even more energetic than the last. I really enjoy their unique mix of 60's garage, instrumentals and 50's classics. I only wish my husband got video footage of them. I highly recommend you check out this band! 

I have to include a few more pictures of all of the beautiful people at VLV. We met up with some friends in the pub that night to celebrate Kevin's birthday. We got so enthralled with the great band line-up that we were late, whoops! We still had a great time and managed to snap some pictures though. We also managed to get some video footage of most of the bands. You can see it here:


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