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VLV 17: Thursday Night

9:38 PMDollie DeVille

The first band we caught for the night was The Hula Girls (Costa Mesa, CA). They are the premier hulabilly band on the "scene". Living in SoCal, we are lucky to be able to see them fairly often, but it's still great to be able to see them at Viva Las Vegas. Everyone loves their shows, especially for the actual hula girls! They had people doing the rockahula all night long! 

More and more friends were getting into town at this point. Viva is the only time I get to see some of my friends from all over the States and other countries, so it really is the highlight of the weekender for me.

The next band we caught was none other then that fiery rockabilly red-head, Kim Lenz! Kim Lenz and the Jaguars (Los Angeles) preformed in the main ballroom. It's no surprise Kim Lenz always has the ballroom packed for her shows, everyone loves her! Her current lineup is dynamite. After the show she could be seen signing copies of her latest release, "Follow Me" on Riley Records. 

Fringe was a popular outfit choice for Thursday night. Maybe everyone was like me, and was ready to get the party started! I wore a vintage white fringe dress, and paired it with a vintage confetti lucite purse and modern accessories. 

We were lucky to see the VLV debut of The Starjays (Seattle). The Starjays are a new band made up of musicians that are anything but new to music- Angelatini on vocals, Roy Kay on rhythm guitar/vocals, Mike Geglia on guitar, Tony LaBorie on Bass, and Marshall Scott Warner on drums. I'm sure you recognize some of those names, if only from this blog. This rockin' rhythm and blues band had so many people dancing I think I saw the floor smoking! They also had their new release, "The Right Girl", on pastel colored vinyl for sale so you could take them home with you. I am so glad I caught them! 

The main event for the night was a rockin' four piece from across the pond, Dale Rocka and the Volcanoes (Sicily).  Dale Rocka was the biggest surprise of the weekend for us. I hadn't heard many people talking about them leading up to Viva so we didn't know what to expect. However, we were lucky enough to see them play in the LA area before Viva, so we knew how amazing they were. We made sure to tell everyone not to miss their set. I guess the word finally got around because a lot of people showed up to see them. They played songS from their newest release on Rhythm Bomb Records, The Midnight Ball (2014), including originals such as "Quick Kiss", "The Midnight Ball", and great covers such as "Rag Mop". Their show was energetic to say the least. Dale Rocka danced around the stage while the bass player, Luca, danced with his bass, and all in unison Dale strutted over the bass player as he layed on the ground playing. That is always a sight to see! The guitar player, Vincenzo, didn't need dance moves to stand out. His moves on the guitar was enough. He was fantastic! I especially loved his playing on "Go Man Go" sold it for me. He does some unique things that make you want to watch him. It doesn't hurt that these guys are easy on the eyes either! Everyone had great things to say about them all weekend! 

After all of the bands play, we stay for the record hops and get some dancing in. We like to stay in the ballrooms upstairs until they close, then move downstairs to Big Al's Bar. I don't have pictures because I don't bring my purse into the record hops. Late at night I only carry my room key and some cash. Although most VLV attendees are good people, there are still a few bad apples you have to worry about. Watch your stuff to prevent it from getting stolen! At about 6 or 6:30 am we ate breakfast in our room, I set my hair and we headed to bed. Everyone was in a stellar mood this year. By the end of Thursday night I could already tell that this was going to be the best Viva ever! Lucky #17 baby! 

Here is some live video I edited together of Thursday night:

 Say tuned for my next post on VLV 17: Friday! 


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