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VLV 17: Sunday Day

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-Continued from my VLV 17 series- 

One of the highlights of Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend is always the Tiki Pool Party held on Sunday afternoon at the Orleans pool. 

Since the pool party is one of the most popular events of the weekend, the line to get into the pool is always around the corner. If you are like me and can't get up before noon (because you were still awake when the sun came up) then you will end up standing in line for over an hour. However, this year my friend won the cabana lottery and I got a pass to get right into the pool- no waiting in line. It was awesome and totally worth the split price of a cabana. 

The pool party has some bands, a DJ and dancers to keep everyone entertained. There are also a few bars and a snack stand. They make it really easy to spend all day there!

April is a great time of the year to visit Las Vegas. It may be too hot while walking on asphalt, but it's just right for lounging by the pool. And that is what people do- lounge. Most people don't actually swim in the pool because of the expensive vintage swimsuits they don. The ladies also put a lot of work into their fancy coifs and don't want to get waterlogged, especially with a full night of partying a head. So instead you will see the fashionable people of Viva sitting on the side of the pool soaking their sore feet with a fruity cocktail in hand. Some brave souls do fancy a dip in the pool, and you can always tell all of the on lookers are jealous.

Speaking of vintage swimsuits, one of the highlights of the pool party is the Vintage Swimsuit Contest. 20 ladies participate to win one of many prizes, the grand prize being a Gretsch guitar. Competition in this contest is fierce, as the swimsuits get better and better every year. One thing that was brand new for the contest this year was the host- Vic Trevino. He was the best MC ever! He was so knowledgeable about vintage fashion, he was respectful of the participants and he was really witty. I enjoyed the contest so much more this year just because he was the host. He also provides some nice eye candy, as if the rare vintage suits weren't enough. 

I left the pool party a little early to see the jive competition upstairs in the ballroom. The jive contest is always a sight to see. It is hosted by long time VLV jive teacher Sophia Wolff

The jive competition is open to anyone who wants to enter. After they go a few rounds, the judges pick their top couples, then keep narrowing it down to the top three. Ultimately the crowd picks the winners out of the top three couples so it's all really fair. This year LA was really well represented, and took the first place. Interestingly, one of the VLV security guards also placed in the top three. That was fun to see. I like to see my friends and fellow dance partners enter, as well as some new faces. This year this couple from overseas was doing some really funny stuff, very showboat like. While entertaining, they were a little far out, so they didn't place. It seemed to be a really good contest this year! 

You can see my footage from the pool party and the jive competition here:

Up next- VLV 17 Sunday Night!


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