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VLV 17: Saturday Day (Car Show)

1:12 PMDollie DeVille

-Continued from my VLV 17 series-

Our first stop on Saturday morning was to the Tiki Pool Party. My husband, Zack, was scheduled to play a few songs with Eddie Angel's Guitar Party. My husband is in the band The Outta Sites, who share two of the same members with Los Straitjackets, so they play together often. The show was great! 

I took this photo to prove that VLV isn't just a vintage fashion show. There is a lot more going on, even LARPers! I don't know the story behind it, but it was interesting to see none the less. 

After the pool party we made our way to the car show. Seeing the car show is a VLV must! It is easily the biggest and most-attended event of the weekend, with more than 20,000 in attendance. This year the car show space was bigger than ever, with two stages, more vendors and more food options! It keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.

I had to make sure to catch The Trashmen (Minneapolis). The Trashmen are one of the biggest surf bands in history. They were formed in 1962 and still continue to play today.  They still sound as great as ever too! Of course, they played their hits such as "Surfin' Bird" and "Bird Dance Beat". I am so happy I got to see them again, but after that show there was something else I was looking to beat.....the heat! 

This year was the hottest year I can remember. It was a scorcher! Thank goodness this event happens in April and not in August. However, I know a lot of my friends from across the pond and across the US appreciated the sunshine and heat afforded in April. It really is a beautiful time of the year! 

Between bands I went to check out the vendors. There was so many great vendors this year. I got to visit some of my favorite vendors such as Classic Hardware,  Vintage Swimsuits By Mary, Sort This Out Cellars, and Pinup Girl Clothing.   I also found some new companies that I love, such as Retrospec'd out of Sidney. This year had the best vendors in my opinion! 

This year, all Viva car show attendees had the pleasure of seeing R&B legend Lloyd Price (New York). Lloyd Price is better known as "Mr. Personality", and for good reason. He has bucket loads of personality and that is apparent on stage. He also had the biggest backing band I have ever seen. There must have been 10-15 people on that stage, including a conductor! His back up singers are people you may recognize, Sugarballs, Angelatini of The Starjays, and Vicky Tafoya.

The car show is a great place to run into your friends, old and new! 

The car show is also a great place to snap some photos of pinups......and of! It's a car show after all. So, I can't forget to talk about the cars. The VLV car show is one of the biggest classic car shows in the world. It got almost 1,000 cars this year. They don't just let any cars in either, they only allow traditional pre-1963 cars and motorcycles. They did have a few exceptions, movie cars, including "Christine", the "Delorean" and the Beverly Hillbillies car! 

They also have vintage trailers that you can tour, which I love. I hope to have my own vintage trailer like this one day.

The headliner for the car show this year was a much younger artist than in years past, but a modern legend in her own right: Imelda May (London)! Imelda is a rockabilly singer who brings raw and wild energy to her live performances. She is backed by one of the best rockabilly guitarists of our time, her husband, Daryl Higham. They are unstoppable as a pair. I must say, I am not really a fan of her type of music normally (best described as post-Neo Euro rockabilly), but after seeing her live show, I can understand why she is famous. She does what she does very well. She had a huge crowd of adoring fans, so I think others tend to agree. She played some of her hits including "Johnny Got a Boom Boom", "Big Bad Handsome Man" and her newest song "Tribal".

This one one of the best car shows yet! Thanks to Tom Ingram, the VLV staff and the Shifters Car Show for putting on such a great event. 

Up Next, VLV 17: Saturday Night!


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