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VLV 17: Friday Day

12:43 PMDollie DeVille

-Continued from my VLV 17 series- 

We didn't get to bed until the sun came up (which is typical for VLV) so we didn't get out of the room until  mid afternoon. After a quick lunch we headed to the Charles Phoenix Big Retro Slide Show located in the Orleans Showroom. 

You can always count on Charles to put together best slide shows. Each year he puts together a show with unique vintage slides. He sometimes follows a theme, like Vintage Vegas. Either way, he always makes sure to include some of his passions, such as classic cars, midmod architecture and retro parties.  Last year to open the show he threw neon colored bread into the audience. This year he through out Peeps for Easter instead. He always has creative ways to "give back" to his audience. He is a great entertainer, creative story teller and has everyone laughing the entire show. I think most Viva goers are into seeing vintage slides, but if not, it's worth going just to see Charles' crazy outfits! The fact that you get to sit in the cool dark showroom for an hour is just the cherry on top!

After the slide show we went down to the Tiki Pool Party. The pool party goes all day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Orleans pool. As with all VLV events, you need a wristband to get in. The lines can be impossibly long on Sunday, so Friday is a great time to go. There are still live bands, a swimsuit contest and lots of beautiful people to ogle. There were even live hula dancers! 

You can't have a bad time when you are in the sun, feet in the pool, and mai tai in hand. Therefore everyone is jolly and having a great time while at the pool party! Sometimes the pool party is the best time to actually sit and talk with your friends. During the evenings everyone is running around trying to catch the band they want to see, but while at the pool, you have nothing to do but relax! That is what vacations are made for!

While at the pool we were treated to Eddie Angel's Guitar Party. After all, It wouldn't be a proper tiki pool party with out some surf music. This all-star band was made up of the members of Los Straightjackets and featured special guests such as Big Sandy and the Stompin' Riffraffs. You know that couldn't possibly be anything but marvelous! I'm sure the large crowd that formed agreed! 

After the pool we headed up to our room to freshen up for the evening. We had a big night ahead of us!

Stay tuned for my next post- VLV 17: Thursday Night!


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