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Product Review: A Corset Story

11:16 AMDollie DeVille

I was recently contacted by A Corset Story to review one of their corsets. At first I was hesitant because I am not normally a corset wearer. I have a natural hourglass shape, and sometimes a corset can make me look too out of proportion. Some people would say you can't be too hourglass shaped, but my personal tastes say otherwise. So, I didn't know what to expect when I picked out the Julia Long Waist Training Underbust Corset

My corset arrived super fast. My first impression was that it was very high quality. It was super heavy due to the 24 steel bones, the 100% cotton twill lining, and the stainless steel busk closure. The outer fabric is taffeta which makes it look fancy but this corset is not merely decorative, it is serious business! The front closes with a busk closure and the back laces up with strong cord. There is also a modesty panel, which is a must for waist training. Lastly, there are 6 loops built in for garters. With my first though being that this corset was serious business, my second though was- "Oh my gosh, I have to put this thing on??" Yes, I am a wimp. 

I am a corset novice so I was not able to get this on alone. I had to have my husband lace it for me. He is even more of a corset novice then myself, so he managed to take all of the cords and mix them up into one big knot. After we finally got it sorted out he got me laced up. As I mentioned before, I am a wimp so didn't make it as tight as it should have been probably. None the less I still felt as though I might break a rib. Okay, not really, but the initial uncomfortableness wore off the longer I stayed in it. It did give me great posture and an elongated torso. My torso is kind of short, so even though this corset length is correct for my height, it may be a smidgen too long for my torso. I also noticed that instead of giving me a defined hourglass shape it made me appear slimmer throughout the torso as a whole. This could be due to the cut of this specific corset, or due to an error in the lacing. This specific corset has great reviews on their website, it seems to be a favorite of many people. Maybe it would be right for you too! 

A Corset Story is the world's #1 site for corsets. They have a huge selection and prices are very low for the quality. The shipping was super fast too. I recommend A Corset Story to anyone looking for an off the rack starter corset at a good price. This is a great way to see if you like wearing a corset before you invest a lot of money in a custom one. If you end up getting a corset from their website, let me know how you like it!


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  1. You look amazing & I love the fact that you've worn the corset with a bullet bra! Really finishes the 'look'.
    Vicky x

  2. I really like the different kind of patterns of corsets, above post really provide awesome ideals and informative post. Thanks for the wonderful information. if you are interested to know or finding the more patterns of corsets so i have lots of other corsets pattern available.

  3. Woe you are looking so sexy in corset!

  4. Thanks for this. I've been looking for some tips for waist training corset guide and this helped me please keep posting and keep updating us more about the latest fashions and designs of waist trainng corsets :)


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