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Viva Las Vegas 17: Wednesday Day

10:27 PMDollie DeVille

-Continued from my Viva Las Vegas 17 series-

We like get into Vegas early so that we can spend all day on Wednesday "getting the party started" before Viva Las Vegas actually hits. It's not rare to hear people say that Wednesday turns out to be their favorite day of the weekend because it's so relaxed, easy going and everyone is in a great mood.

For us, it's a must to hit Ronnie Weiser's international meet and greet. Ronnie and his family host this pre-party every year at their beautiful home in Las Vegas, dubbed "Rancho Ronnie". They are the best hosts! Ronnie's western-themed home is the perfect setting for this yearly gathering. There is a large back yard, a comfortable living room, a pool, tennis court, basket ball court and most importantly- a bar! People come from all over the world to meet some new folks, hear some new music and have a few drinks. Ronnie always gets some great musicians to stop by and jam. In the past he has had some big acts such as Nikki Hill, The Caezars, Lance Lipinski and even some legends such as Ray Campi!

This year The Royal Rhythmaires were gracious enough to play for us. This was the highlight of the afternoon for me because I hadn't seen them play live yet. I have corresponded with them online, and even reviewed their last CD, Shuck and Jive. So, it was great to finally meet them in person! They were all so friendly and personable. I love that about "roots music" bands! 

There were also some great performances by Marshal Scott Warner, Buddy and Suzy Dughi, and other bands. There is always a full rotation of bands to keep the part-goers entertained. People get to jive, stroll and bop right on the grass, just like a real hoedown! 

Another highlight of the day for me was to be able to meet Scott Hinds from the Royal Hounds. Again he is someone who I have talked to online but never had the pleasure of meeting face to face. He was a doll! He is new to Las Vegas, having moved there after getting hired on the Million Dollar Quartet. It was a pleasure to finally meet him!

Unfortunately I had to leave the party early because I had another commitment- but an exciting one at that! I had the extreme honor of being a special guest on a live version of Del Villarreal's Go Kat Go Rockabilly Show on Motorbilly Radio. It was so exciting to see what goes into producing a live radio show from a Vegas bar. Del did a great job and the show was a smashing success. I loved being interviewed by him. I had no idea what he was going to ask, but I tried to roll with it. Axle was also a special guest on the show so I was in good company. Miss Beck Rustic  was also there giving away tickets to this years The New England Shake-Up. It was a great group of people to spend the early evening with. 

For the first time, I am attempting to edit all of my video footage into daily VLV videos for Youtube. Here is the one for Wednesday pre-parties, including Ronnie's party and some of my live interview. Enjoy! 

The next post up will be Viva Las Vegas Wednesday night, including the Offical VLV Pre-Party!


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  1. Wooow! That looks like a lot of fun, it's amazing! Can't wait to read another post about VLV!

    xx Annalisa


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