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8:00 AMDollie DeVille

I recently won a giveaway over a Vintage Engineer Boots' blog for one of their new vintage-inspired Saf-T-Flash belts. To my surprise they offered me the Saf-T-Flashette, the ladies version, from their new line of belts for women. The ladies belts are thinner cut so they fit better into ladies jeans. My other belts wouldn't fit into my Freddie's jeans belt loops or my vintage jeans. It was the worst! This Saf-T-Flashette belt also has an oval belt buckle, which I found more dainty and comfortable. I found other square belt buckles poked me while I was sitting and kept giving me a bruise in the same spot. I'm a wimp, I know! I am so happy that VEB Leather started making belts specifically cut for us women!

My Saf-T-Flashette belt is black, but brown is also available. I have the nickel hardware but it also comes in a brass option. The reflectors are clear, but you can choose amber and red as options. I love the VEB stamp near the buckle, so neat! My husband has the matching Saf-T-Belt in the men's version. He wears his almost every day. I love that we can match! 

I like the clear jewels because they match everything. All of my other belts have a color, which limits what I can wear them with. Since this is black, silver and clear I can wear it with anything. I have recently been pairing it with grey, pink and teal colors. I love that I can feel like a badass and wear pink at the same time. 

 I also have a custom made belt from VEB Leather. I cannot tell you how much I love this belt. It has the same cut and buckle from my other belt, but with a white amoeba shaped inlay with red and blue jewels. It also has starbursts! The best part is that my name is in studs. If your name can't be in lights, being in studs is the next best thing. This belt feels absolutely indestructible. I feel like I can wear it every day and it will only look better and better. This leather is a lot more supple then my other belts. I felt that it curved nicely around me and wasn't stuck in a stiff straight shape. This belt is made to order and custom. You can choose the jewel color (red, blue, black, green or amber), nickel or brass hardware, inlay color (black, brown or tan) and shape (amoeba or oblong), leather color (black or brown), buckle style, size and of course it will have your name on it, not mine.

I love pairing this belt with my favorite color combo - red, white and blue! It also looks great with moccasins if you aren't a "boot person". Being in southern California I can only wear boots about 3 months out of the year, so I have to be able to wear my belts with other things. If you haven't noticed, I don't pick a belt to match my outfit, I pick my outfit to match my belt! It really is the star of the show! 

If you are not familiar with Vintage Engineer Boots' blog, he is a active military man stationed overseas who makes handcrafted leather goods in his free time. His lovely wife holds down the fort in Southern California and is his "right hand woman". She was my contact when I was ordering and was a dream to work with. They are the perfect team, even when he is stationed half way across the world. They are a great couple and anyone should be proud to support their business. Buy handcrafted and support local small business!  

Thanks again to VEB for hosting a fab giveaway, what a dream! 


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