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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: Eddie Ross!

8:57 AMDollie DeVille

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last week. My internet has been down. I am being sent a new router. In the mean time, I'm posting this from my mobile app. Good thing I am able to keep up with everyone over at my Instagram Page. At least I have many years worth of prior content for everyone to read in the mean time. 

For this week's "These Are A Few of My Favorite Things" post I wanted to share one of my new favorite blogs: Eddie Ross. He is a southern gentleman who loves collecting antique serving pieces and decor items at flea markets. His amazing collection of silver, Jadite, and copper, mixed with his formal cooking education makes for the most amazing looking dinner parties. He has worked for greats like Martha Stuart and currently is the east coast editor for Better Homes and Gardens. His website and Instagram page have a ton of ideas and photos for inspiration. 

I recently found his site while looking it ideas for my Mother's Day brunch. I quickly became obsessed with his table scapes, his working apple farm and his desserts. He also really got me thinking that beautiful DIY flower arrangements are more obtainable then I was imagining.

I loved all of the ideas I got from his site, and tried to incorporate some of them into my Mother's Day brunch. I used my great grandmothers china and crystal, and my husband's grandmother's silver in order to honor the mother's in our family. I thought the way Eddie displayed his berries was so delicious looking, so I tried to capture that look on my own table, with crystal instead of Jadite dishes. After seeing Eddie's Jadite collection, I am thinking I need to start collecting that as well. 

I am so glad I got to share my love of Eddie with you all. I admire him because he treasures things from the past, just like I do. While I will never be up to Eddie Ross standards, I am thankful for the wealth of inspiration that he provides.

I have more pictures at home that I can add when I get back on the internet. These collages were ones from my Instagram page. 


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