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VLV Fitness Challenge: Week 12!!!!

9:54 PMDollie DeVille

Congratulations!!! We have made it to the last week of the 12 week Viva Las Vegas Fitness Challenge. I hope you feel proud of what you have accomplished in the last 12 weeks. 

Personal Update: The last two weeks I tried something new- Hot Yoga! I loved it so much. I really think it helped change my shape. I am feeling thinner in waist and hips. I have still been doing my strength training class twice a week and I feel more toned in the arms and butt. I am really enjoying my current work out routine and plan to keep it up after Viva. I am been doing well with my diet as well. I have been juicing pretty much every morning and getting in a lot of veggies and fruits. I haven't been drinking in the past month so I think that has helped contribute to my weight loss. I also feel "cleaner" if that makes sense. 

This Week's Goals: Give yourself a high five! You did it! Now get over to that scale and see what a rock star you are. These past 12 weeks weren't easy, but the payoff is worth it. A healthier body brings with it more energy, confidence and a determination to stay fit. I hope you feel ready to tackle Viva Las Vegas with your head held high. You can dance all night, buy some smaller clothing, and enjoy some fun drinks! Make sure you come say hi and let me know about your experience with the VLV Fitness Challenge.

Make sure to share your accomplishments with the world! If you share it on FB or Instagram remember to use the #VLVfitnesschallenge hashtag. Or comment below! I would love to get everyone's weight loss together and get a total number to share in the final wrap up post. 


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