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Viva Las Vegas Fitness Challenge: Wrap Up!

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

The Viva Las Vegas Fitness Challenge is officially over and I am so sad! I really enjoyed this jorney with you all. I may have to make it an annual challenge. 

I wanted to give you my final results and thoughts about the VLV Fitness Challenge. I am really proud about what I accomplished in these 12 weeks. I tried new things like hot yoga and making pad tai. I can now lift 6.5 times more in my weight lifting class then when I started. All in all, I lost 12.7 lbs and two inches off my waist! I again exceeded my goal, which was 5-10 lbs. 

I am also really proud of how up my arms and shoulders. 

I am not the only one that really got a lot out of the VLV Fitness Challenge. My Fitness Challenge VIP, Angel Jervis writes:

The Viva Fitness challenge has been a great way for me to start a weight loss program in a healthy way. I tend to crash diet right before Viva, which is just not healthy. I decided to participate in weight watchers and incorporated Bikram Yoga into my fitness routine. Weight loss was slow and steady. Before I knew it I started to feel stronger and healthier. I found myself not fixating on the numbers on the scale because I felt so good that I knew even if I had a week where I didn't lose anything, I still felt like I was accomplishing something. After the 12 weeks of the challenge I lost 16 lbs. I had hoped for more, but, it turns out I lost 4 inches in my bust, 4 inches, in my waist, and 4 1/2 inches in my hips. Wow! There really is some thing to that muscle weighing more than fat saying. The best part about it is that I have no intention of stopping what I'm doing now that the challenge is over. I'm so thankful I decided to do this participate.

Check out her blog, Miss Chicklette, and show your support! 

We both know that this was just a kick start to bigger and better things. Remember- Fitness, like Viva Las Vegas, is a marathon not a sprint! I am so looking forward to enjoying my time in Vegas. I will eat, drink and be merry. Although, I am already looking forward to getting back home and getting back to my normal routine. 

Please feel free to share your success with the VLV Fitness Challenge on FB, Instagram or in the comments below. I would love you hear your story! 


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