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VLV Fitness Challenge: Week 6

3:21 PMDollie DeVille

First off, I want to apologize for this post being a few days late. 

It is officially past the 1/2 way mark of the VLV Fitness Challenge! I hope you are feeling motivated, productive and accomplished thus far in the 12 week challenge. I know I am! 

Personal Update: 

I lost another .6 lbs this week. That means my total weight loss so far has been 3.6 lbs. If you recall, my first week on the challenge I did a reboot and lost 4.8 lbs. As with most cleanses, I gained some of the weight back the following week when I started adding regular foods back in my diet. Since then I have been yo-yoing up and down every week. Ultimately, I am still down 3.6 and I am happy with that. My diet since has not been perfect, which is why I have been yo-yoing. I have, however, been really good with my workout routine. This week I hit the gym 6 days, and did over 15 miles in jogging intervals, two hour long weight lifting classes, and one 30 min core strengthening class. I am feeling really proud and strong, so I am not going to let my total weight loss number to date get me down. I am going to keep up my fitness routine, and get my diet back on track. I know that I can do another reboot 10-15 days before the challenge ends and lose another few pounds that way. But ultimately, the number on the scale is just a number. What maters most to me is my health and permanently keeping pounds off, and the only thing that is going to accomplish that is continually eating healthfully and keeping a regular workout routine. 

This Week's Goal: 

Mid point check-in! You're halfway through your 12 week challenge. This is when you should look at the goals you set at the start of the competition and assess your level of success. Think about re-taking your measurements. Ask yourself these questions: 
  • Am I on track to accomplish the goals I set at the beginning? 
  • If not,what can I do to ramp up my efforts? 
  • Have I created a healthy environment for myself? 
I know that I am personally on track to accomplish my goal. However, I set a realistic goal of 5-10 lbs in weight loss. I know that I am not going to lose 10 or more lbs. At this weight, that is just not in the cards for me. So, I feel by goal is reasonable and realistic. If you are not on track to accomplish your goal, why not take this 1/2 way check-in as an opportunity to adjust your goal. I know that I can help myself achieve my goal by focusing on eating more fruits and veggies and less sugar. So I am going to do that in the next 6 weeks to ramp up my weight loss. I am going to create a healthy environment for myself by keeping sweets out of the house and stocking up on seasonal fruits and veggies tomorrow at the farmers market. 


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  1. this is so cool! you are gonna change peoples lives!

  2. The easiest way to avoid temptation is to not have it in the house. I have found bananas to be an excellent craving killer. Keep up the good work!

    Rebecca Jean

  3. You are so dedicated! Congratulations on all this fitness incorporation into your lifestyle. I need to get to the gym. You are a good motivator.


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