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The VLV Fitness Challenge: Week 9

9:22 PMDollie DeVille

I know I say this every week, but I really can’t believe how fast this challenge is going. It is really crunch time now! Only 4 weeks until Viva Las Vegas. Will you feel and look your best? I hope so! I especially hope the VLV Fitness Challenge has helped you reach your personal goal.

Personal Update: This week I have stated doing two-a-day workouts. I have been wearing my heart rate monitor so I know how many calories I am burning in these AM workouts. I initially planned on running in the morning but it is still dark when I get up from work. So I started with yoga, which I liked, but it doesn’t go far in the way of calorie burn toward my daily goal. So then I decided to try kettle bells again. That burned a ton of calories! So now I am doing about 20 mins of kettle bell and 10 mins of yoga every morning, which burns about 250 cals. My daily calorie burn goal is 500, so that gets me half way there. I actually still hit the gym in the PM and try and burn 500 cals there, so the AM workout is just a bonus on good days. If I can’t hit the gym in the PM, at least I know I got some activity in for the day.

I have relaxed my diet a bit this week. I had a few beers this weekend, had some vegan cookies, ice cream and a few pre-made frozen meals. I know now is not the time to be relaxing, but I am mentally preparing myself for the month ahead. I wanted to have just a little fun because I have something big coming up…

This Week’s Goal: Plan A Reboot! I wanted to end my VLV Fitness Challenge with a reboot. So I wanted to offer up the details I am planning in case you wanted to join in. I wanted to aim for a 20 day reboot for maximum weight loss. However, I wanted it to end 5 days prior to the time I leave for Viva, because I have a lot of pre-parties the weekend before Viva. So, I am starting my reboot Saturday March 22nd. I recommend starting on a weekend day especially if it is your first time juicing. I am aiming for a 20 day reboot that ends on Thursday April 10th. If you are interested in what I do for my reboot, read the prior blog post here!

So this week I am going to go grocery shopping, plan my meals for the week and start rebooting! I am hoping eating all of these fruit and veggies will get me to by goal by the end of the VLV Fitness Challenge.


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