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Introducing: Rockabilly Socialite Vintage!

11:49 AMDollie DeVille

I have exciting news today! Today is the grand opening of my new Etsy shop- Rockabilly Socialite Vintage! I have collected so much vintage over the years and I really have more then I need. So I am releasing some of it back into the world for someone else to enjoy. I have had fun setting up this little shop, and I hope you have fun shopping there. This isn't a vintage snob type of Etsy store, oh no, it's a rockabilly socialite type of Etsy store! I have stuff at a variety of sizes and prices (starting at just $3!). I personally vow that each item purchased will be packaged with love and wrapped in a sweet pink bow, because you are worth it. 

I have even more to list in the future, but I wanted to just get the store opened now with what I had listed because I have been sitting on them for almost a month now, and I know some people still need outfits for Viva Las Vegas. So, check out Rockabilly Socialite Vintage! It's vintage clothing and accessories for the socialite in you (and the men who keep you company). 


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  1. This is amazing! I'm sure its not just me who wants to raid your closet - now we have a chance to!! :D


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