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Interview: Pat Capocci

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

I recently caught up with one of the busiest men in rockabilly - Pat Capocci. I had the pleasure of talking with him and getting him to answer a few questions for us. Everyone is talking about Pat because in just a few short weeks he is making his way to the U.S. to play at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender. The word around town is that he puts on one hell of a show! 

Pat with TK Smith!
If this is your first introduction to Pat, he is a guitar player and singer based out of Sidney, Australia. His style is a mix of rockabilly, western swing, rhythm & blues, and hillbilly. Not only does he play some mean guitar, have an amazing voice, and the looks to match, but he also is a super nice guy who is down to earth. He even surfs! How cool is he? So, you can imagine my excitement to get to chat with him: 

Dollie DeVille: Tell me how you first got into playing music. Did your parents get you started as a child? 

Pat Capocci: Yes they sure did, Dad always played guitar for fun around the house for as long as I can remember, when I was around 6 or 7 I picked it up and I guess it all snowballed from there. When I was around 13 or 14 I found Dad's record collection, he was a big fan of early Chicago Blues, so I grew up listening to a lot of the greats like Magic Sam, Jimmie Rogers, Jimmie Reed, Muddy and Elmore James, so Dad's 100% to blame for the musical path I decided to head down! haha

D: Nice! It seems like you have very supportive and cool parents. Who currently influences your music?

P: Most of my influences come from listening to records, listening to guys who play with lots of energy and who continue to push the boundaries within there own playing and genre I also really dig hearing like minded players live, hearing these things in a live context always makes me realize that certain complicated things I'm trying to figure out are actually possible, and that pushes me even more to try and achieve them myself. My bro from Brisbane, Dan Nosovich, is always a favorite to hear play for these reasons.

D: Tell me about your current band lineup. How long have you all been playing together?

P: The line up you'll see at Vegas will be my long time bro Damo Lawson on Bass and our Brisbane bro, who actually plays with Dan, Az Luciow on Drums. Damo and I have know each other since we were kids, and have played together for nearly as long, we were actually trying to figure out how many flights we've been on together the other day, we lost count! Ha ha! We use a few different drummers for the band, but were super stoked we've got Az on board for Vegas. He a absolute legend of a dude and one of my favorite drummers!

D: I love your work with Rusty Pinto. Any more projects in the works with him?

P: Thank you, I'm really proud of what we achieved together, Rusty's one of my favourite singers :)
No plans as yet, Rusty lives 5 days drive on the other side of the country from me, so that stops us working together a lot of the time, but you never know what the future holds!

D: Rusty is one of my favorite singers too. I really imagined you two lived closer together, too bad! Is rockabilly popular right now in Australia? How does it compare to the U.K. and the U.S.?

P: Compared to the U.S. or U.K. the Australian scene is tiny, but in saying that I think it's definitely growing. Looking back 5-10 years ago a lot more people are hip to the word "rockabilly" or have a fair understanding what the genre is all about.

D: You seem to have played all over Australia and Europe. Which is your favorite weekender you have ever played?

P: Its super hard to pin point just one festival because there's so many great ones! We've been lucky enough to play almost all of the Australian ones over the years, and it's been a lot of fun. I think the European festivals are completely different, just as far as the amount of people, there's a lot more for sure, different styles of music and dress sense, and the passion of the audience. I think Europeans really show their enthusiasm for the band if they like them! I still haven't answered the question have I? Ha ha! We always love the "Rave" in the U.K. and I'd probably say "Get Rhythm, Get Wild" in Germany. Our friends Marc and the Wild Ones run it with some other guys, but all the festivals are fun, all for different reasons! :)

D: Oh, I love Marc and the Wild Ones! I saw him last year when he came out here. Have you ever played in the U.S. before? Have you even been to Viva Las Vegas?

P: No, I've never been before, this will be my first trip to the states, I always wanted to go, but never had the chance, so I'm super exited about it finally happening! :)

D: You mention how different the U.K. weekenders are compared to the Australian weekenders. Just wait until to see an American weekender. It will be an experience, that's for sure! Everyone is so excited to see you at this year's Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend. You are definitely at the top of my "must-see" list. Are you nervous to play, or are you an old pro now?

P: Awesome!!! I'm glad yourself and other folks dig what we do, we're super exited too! Ha ha. I wouldn't say I'm a old pro yet, but no, we're not really nervous. To be honest, it's just another gig to us. I don't mean for that to sound big headed or rude, it's just that we do a lot of gigs. We treat every gig the same. We always strive to do our best and give 100% no matter where or what it is, and we aim to do that in Vegas!

D: I can't wait! Is there anything unique about Viva Las Vegas that you are looking forward to?

P: I know the fellas have already got one of the shooting ranges booked and there REALLY looking forward to shooting some bad ass guns! Ha ha! You can't really do something like that here, so the boys are stoked!

D: That is not what I was expecting you to say at all but I hear the ranges in Vegas are great, so you guys should have a blast, literally! Shopping at Viva Las Vegas is really popular for us people that want a less adventurous form of entertainment. Will you have some merch available for us to buy while you are here? I want your newest shirt, but I know it's complicated to get merch through customs.

P: We will, but I'm not to sure about shirts just yet. As you mentioned it's hard with customs, so that could be a hold up. But we will have CD's and 45's

D: I love your most recent CD, Call of The Wild. I heard that you will be recording a new record on WILD Records while you are in the US. Is that true? If so, can you tell me a little about this new record?

P: It sure is true, we'll be recording the new record "Pantherburn Stomp" right after Viva! I tried to stay super focused and loyal to writing well written, catchy yet meaningful songs. I stuck to the plan and I'm proud with what I've come up with. I think the new tunes encompass everything I've ever done musically yet still sound like "me" whatever that is....ha ha. I'll be teaming up with the rhythm section of Victor Mendez and Brook Emelio, two fellas who cover a lot of ground musically and who's energy is infectious, I'm really looking forward to jamming with the guys and creating some fun tunes!

D: I can't wait to hear it! I think I saw on your Instagram page that you have a lovely lady at home. How do you manage playing so often and having a personal life?

P: Sometimes it's super hard emotionally. Like any couple, we love being with each other. Chloe and I both work full time day jobs and we both have busy lives. We're super lucky to have a relationship we hold a lot of respect for, and a love and want for each other that it makes the times we don't get to see each other seem irrelevant. Music is my passion, my life, my everything, but really, at the end of the day it's just entertainment and I don't let it dictate my every move, family always comes first, no matter what!

D: How sweet it that? What a gentleman you are. Anything you want to add?

P: Thanks so much for taking the time to interview me, super looking forward to Vegas!!!

Thanks again to Pat for the interview! His exclusive U.S. appearance will be at Viva Las Vegas on Saturday Morning at 1:45 am in the Ballroom. Make sure you see him while you can! I know he will be back to the U.S. again, but you never know when! While you are at it, make sure to grab one of his albums!

If you can't make it to Viva Las Vegas, you can buy his album and check out his tour dates on his website.


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  1. Great interview! Very much looking forward to seeing him perform at Viva! He's highlighted for sure on my Viva band spreadsheet :)

  2. Brilliant interview - I love Pat Capocci, I am gutted to not be able to go to viva and see him (and all the other amazing bands) Looking forward to seeing your posts about it when you get back, I hope to be able to maybe add interviews on my blog if it grows (just started!) I follow you on instagram too, and you always have such wonderful style. Have a lovely time at Viva! Little Miss Atomic x


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