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It's about time that I get on to posting about Viva Las Vegas! It is coming up in less than 45 days! This is my 9th consecutive Viva Las Vegas, so I have posted about Viva a LOT on this blog. I have posted about Viva to the extent that some people may find it embarrassing. With 82 posts on Viva, pretty much every topic has been covered. However, I still get asked all the time if I can write a post about a certain Viva subject which has already been covered. I realize that most people haven't been following this blog since its inception or had the time to read every post, and some people don't know how to use the tag/search feature to find them. 

So, I decided to make it easy to refer to all of the prior Viva posts I have done. It is really fun to look back at these post from the last few years and see how I have changed as a woman, an individual and a blogger. Most of this information is still relevant and may be useful to readers planning to attend Viva, especially first timers. Remember that some posts were written to be tongue-and-cheek. The top of the list is the most current posts, with the posts descending by date. If you feel like more info is needed on a certain topic covered here, or there is something I haven't covered yet that you would like to see, please let me know! 

I decided to organize them by categories: 

Past VLV Rockabilly Weekends: 
VLV 15: Friday (and my bachelorette party!)

Past VLV Pre and Post Parties: 

Viva Prep:
What To Do At VLV on Wed (this one needs updating)

Viva Shopping:

Trends in VLV Fashion (this could be updated too!)


VLV Coke Video (must see)

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  1. omgosh I have a lot if reading to do!

  2. Can't WAIT! my parents are coming this year and my mom called me yesterday and says "Oh my oh my oh my, there is so much to do when I'm ever going to sleep??". I just laughed and said "when it's over!" lol :) Thanks for the collection of posts, always helps to get me even more excited.


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