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OOTD Social Club: Bakelite!

10:18 PMDollie DeVille

Before I get on with the post, I want to remind everyone to enter the Bow and Crossbones vintage reproduction jewelry giveaway in the prior post.  

This week's OOTD Social Club theme might have been the best theme yet! 

Vintage novelty print dress with matching bolero, wedges and accessories. 

Vintage Hawaiian rayon top, Jantzen skirt and accessories. Shoes are modern espadrilles from Spain. Brooch by Classic Hardware

Brown gabardine dress, wedges, cardigan and accessories are all vintage. 

Modern Hawaiian rayon top, vintage skirt, wedges and accessories.  

Top by Trashy Diva, vintage skirt, wedges and accessories. 

Everyone was really excited for this week's theme. I loved to ogle all of the beautiful bakelite. Everyone had some great stacks to show off. I love all of the unique and diverse outfits that were created around the bakelite colors. It makes me want to buy more bakelite! 

No theme for me this week. I have some important meetings at my office so I have to dress pretty professional. I will still try and post some photos though. Make sure to hashtag #OOTDsocialclub so I can share your photos here!


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  1. That banana necklace is slaying me with its awesomeness! (I have a perpetual crush on all vintage and vintage style fruit and vegetable themed clothing and accessories). You look so cute, vibrant and fantastic, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica


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