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VLV Fitness Challenge: Week 2

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

Continued from my VLV Fitness Challenge: Week 1 post: 

I can't believe week one is over already! It sure flew by, at least for me. I want to make sure that I walk the walk, not just talk the talk, so I made sure to take my starting weight, my measurements, and an updated 'before" photo.

One of my lovely readers and VLV Fitness Challenge participant, Deborah of Hellcat Vintage, made this little spread sheet to track her weight and measurements on. Isn't it glorious? It is right up my alley! She was also generous enough to share it with all of us. Isn't she a doll? 

You can save it to your computer and print it out. Sorry that this site doesn't allow me to attach the document that you can actually edit. 

 Personal Update: This week I planned all of my meals and snacks in advance. I did a modified 7 day food plan from Reboot With Joe that consisted of eating fruits, veggies, beans, nuts and seeds. I did really well and lost 4.8 lbs! I posted a lot of my meals on my Istagram page if you are curious. I have committed to continue the rest of the week on this eating plan, and then taking it day by day from then on. I may have some days where I add in grains, but over all I want to keep this eating plan on most days, for about 15 days total. Afterwards I will continue to add things back into my diet, to resume the vegan diet I was on prior. My main goal is to keep my servings of fruits and veggies high, and eat a rainbow everyday. I have a great head start on my goal so I don't want to gain any of what I lost back before VLV! 

This week's goals are:

-Weigh-in! This is going to be a goal every week. As I mentioned in the last post, you will want to weigh in the same time, place and in the same outfit every week. I weigh in at Weight Watchers and I lost 4.8 lbs this week! 

-Continue with the foundation we laid last week! If the food plan you made last week worked, then stick with it or decide how you can modify it to make it live-able. If you didn't make a food plan, get on it. Healthy eating is the basis of this 12 week challenge, and each weekly goal sets a foundation for the rest of the challenge. So please know that even if I don't mention it weekly, continue your healthy eating strategy through the entire challenge. 

-Create a work out schedule!  Now that your diet goals are clear and you have created a healthy food plan, it's time to focus on working out. We want to tackle these two right off the bat to get the most out of the 12 week challenge.  One of the biggest excuses for skipping workouts is a busy schedule. To make sure that doesn't stop you, get out a calendar and create a typical weekly schedule that includes everything from work hours and child-care responsibilities to your favorite leisure-time activities (like reading The Rockabilly Socialite), then figure out where a daily workout can fit in. Also, look at where you can add in "emergency" make-up day, in case you get invited last minute to a dinner party or your child gets sick. 

Now, I'm not going to tell you what workouts to do. No one knows you better than you do. If you hate running, me telling you to run isn't going to make you do it. If you haven't noticed, I'm actually not in the habit of telling you what to do at all. This challenge is uniquely yours. You choose the goal,  you choose the food plan, and you choose the workouts. That is because we are all in different places in our fitness journey. With that being said, I am always here to answer any questions you may have, or divulge if you want to know more about my personal plan. If you never work out at all, maybe you may consider daily walks. If you are like me, a total gym bunny, you may consider upping the ante. 

My workout schedule is going to consist of two 5K jogs a week. I actually do these jogs in intervals, which seems to aid in weight loss. I also alternate that with two weight lifting classes a week, each an hour long. Then I have a day or two where I just walk or do yoga. Then the rest of the week is rest. I fit this into my schedule by going to the gym after work. I also walk on both of my breaks while at work, which adds up to about 40 mins of extra activity a day. I need that because my day job is so sedentary. Later in the challenge I plan to add AM workouts in, but more on that later. Basically, you just have to find a time and activity that works for you, and make sure you commit to actually doing it.  

** As always, you should consult your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise plan.** 


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  1. Best of luck! Sounds like you are doing amazingly well already. I can't stop eating all the cheese leftover from Christmas. Sigh. Maybe when it's all gone I'll start in earnest at the fitness plan - doesn't help that there's torrential rain every day at the moment here.

    P x

  2. Oh wow what a great start for you Dollie, well done! I really like your advice on planning. That's one thing that I really should look into. I think it would help to keep me motivated & focused! Keep up the great work & I look forward to reading/seeing your results! Vicky x


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