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The New England Shake-Up: Saturday Night

3:06 PMDollie DeVille

Continued from my New England Shake-Up series- 

Saturday night was the highlight of the New England Shake-Up. The lineup was killer. Saturday was the most crowded day of the weekend for sure, as some people bought day passes. The energy level was high and people were ready to party. 

 The MC of the weekend was none other then rockabilly DJ Del Villarreal of Motorbilly Radio

The first band up for the night was the band I came all the way to see- Sean Mencher with his daughter and son backing him. Sean did his popular songs from High Noon, like "Flat Land Saturday Night", "Not For Nothin'", and "Let's Go Daddy-O", plus covers like "Baby Baby". 

Sean's son JT was great on the slap bass. Besides playing rhythm acoustic, Sean's daughter Hannah Lee also sang. She was a magnificent singer! The audience was really blown away. She might have been my favorite female singer of the weekend. Both of his kids seem really sweet, with southern sensibilities. 

The next band up with Jittery Jack with Miss Amy. They were great! My favorite song was "My Little Sister Got A Motorbike" and "Beantown Bop". Miss Amy really kills on guitar. These two are unstoppable together! 

The next band up was The Rip 'Em Ups from Los Angeles, CA. It was nice to see some people there from my neck of the woods. They were great. Everyone always enjoys their shows. I love their cover of "Bamma Lamma". They really got the crowd on the dance floor. 

The headliners for the evening were The Racheteers. They played "Cast Iron Arm" which is one of my favorites! This was the first time I had seen them, and they were the biggest surprise of the weekend for sure. Beck went to great lengths to book not only the best bands, but a wide array of musical styles. It was great! 

 And after the live music there was a late night record hop.

Everyone wore their best outfits on Saturday night. I wore a fall colored floral "new look" dress. I love it! Everyone looked great. 

Here is a video I made of the bands from Saturday night: 

 Up next, Sunday at The New England Shake-Up!


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