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Rhythm Bomb Weekender: Friday

7:43 PMDollie DeVille

The weekend after I came home from the New England Shake-Up I headed right to another weekender.  This time it was back home in California. The show was put on by Rhythm Bomb Records and Real Gone Productions (The School of Rock'n'Roll). It was held at a historic American Legion Hall in Pomona. I love the School of Rock'n'Roll events, and this event was the best one yet. So, even though I am a little late posting this, I wanted to make sure I share it with you! 

The American Legion Hall is three stories tall, so there is plenty of room for the event. The top floor held the main stage, bar and dance floor. The middle floor has another bar, smaller dance floor, and a DJ booth. The bottom floor was filled with vendors. I didn't end up buying anything, but that didn't stop me from looking around. 

The first band up for the night was one of my favorites, my friends The SideWynders. I just love these guys! I have seen them so many times, but I must say, this was one of their best shows I have ever seen. There is no one doing exactly what Rene does, he is very unique. He has a great voice and his passion for old country and western swing really shines through in his performance. This was their first show with a new guitar player and he killed it. They also had Myshell come up and sing a few duets, which is always a treat. Not only are these guys talented, but they are friendly and well dressed to boot!

Dancing is a big deal at the School of Rock'n'Roll. The dance floor is always packed with happy faces! Everyone always dresses so well too! I wore a peridot lame dress I got in Boston. I love it! 

This was my first time seeing Marc, of Marc & the Wild Ones from Germany. I thought he put on a great performance. The price of the ticket to this weekend included a compilation CD from Rhythm Bomb Records, which had a song from Marc & the Wild Ones on it. I seriously love this compilation. It has songs from Lil' Mo, Ruby Ann, The Royal Rhythmaires, and many many more. It has a permanent spot in my car! 

The last act for the night was the Frantic Rockers. My friend Slim from WILD'S The Desperados gives them a thumbs up! 

After a fun night of drinking and dancing, we all went to Norms for some late night grub. You just can't beat a meal at an american dinner after a full night of rock and roll! 


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