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Product Review: Bandelettes

9:15 PMDollie DeVille

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I was recently sent an interesting new product for review:  Bandelettes. I had never heard of them before, so maybe you haven't either. Bandelettes are anti-chafing thigh bands. They were created by a woman who was tired of persistent thigh chafing and set out to find a solution. And boy did she ever! Lotions, powders and bike shorts are out, and Bandelettes are in! 

Bandelettes feature a 6 inch wide band of stretchy lace with two strips of silicone that keep them firmly in place. I imagined they would be similar to thigh highs, so I figured that they would constantly be falling and needing to be re-positioned. I was very surprised that this was not the case. Oh no, these babies stay put! Bandelettes come in six different sizes based on your thigh measurement.  I think this accurate sizing plus a double wide band makes a big difference in the band staying put. 

I was sent the beige and the black for review, but they come in white, red, and caramel also. Bandelettes are perfect for the summer months, when you want to wear a sundress but can't imagine wearing Spanx. Spanx in the summer suck!  

Bandelettes are also great for nights out when you don't want to wear stockings because of your shoe choice (mules!), but want the protection.....  or you just like the look of thigh highs under your dress when you swing dance! I also tested out thigh high stockings (the kind without any band, meant to be worn with a garter belt) under the Bandelettes. I am happy to report that the Bandelettes held up the stockings like a champ and looked super cute. Functional and fashionable? Win-Win! Also, my husband didn't seem to mind them at all. 

Bandelettes are perfect for any girl no matter the size. Sometimes even the most petite girls put too much wiggle in their walk! These are a steal at only $14.99 and will last you a long time! You can get them on their website. If you have tried them, or try them based on this review, let me know in the comments below. Thanks to Bandelettes for introducing me to their fabulous product! 


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  1. That is crazy genius!

    And they really do look super cute with thigh highs. I'm absolutely purchasing!

  2. Great idea! And can you tell me what short you are wearing with them? I like those too!

    1. They are French knickers from What Katie Did. They are great!


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