New Year's Resolutions- Updated!

6:38 PMDollie DeVille

It's that time of the year again- New Years resolution time! I have made New Years resolutions for pretty much every year of my life. It's fun to look back at some of my prior resolutions, like going vegetarian, taking care of my skin and juicing. It's very interesting to compare those resolutions to my current situation. I talked about going vegetarian in 2011, so why did it take me so long? Now I am practicing eating a vegan diet and I love it! I do still juice though. But, I still haven't started taking care of my skin.

So this year it seemed odd that I didn't really have any resolutions. Part of me was happy over it, but part of me felt that I was just being lazy. So, I came up with some lazy resolutions as a compromise! I love compromise. 

1) Read some new books, like the ones I got for Christmas: My Beef With Meat and Skinny Bitch.

2) Sew a new dress with one of my cool vintage patterns. Heck, sew anything! I miss having time to sew. Maybe if I work it into a blog post it will force me to do it.

3) Reorganize my bathroom cabinets and linen closet. I actually really like spring cleaning. Heck, I like spring in general! 

4) Host more backyard BBQ's this year. I'm blessed with a lovely home and backyard, I need to show it off! 

5) Continue to keep up this blog for the nostalgic look back at my life it provides, the friends I have made, and the connections I continue to make. 

6) Start my 12 week pre-VLV fitness challenge on 1/21/14! I'm going to be developing and sharing a 12 week plan to prepare us for Viva Las Vegas, so stay tuned!
So, this list is longer then I imagined. At least they aren't so hard, right? Mostly I want to have fun by leaning, enjoying my hobbies and continuing friendships. It's not like I am trying to find world peace....maybe next year?

What are your resolutions?


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  1. I would love to do the challenge with you.. what do or would I need and how does it work

    1. Info is posted now under the VLV fitness challenge. You can look it up by using the search feature on the page!


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