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New England Shake-Up: Sunday Day

1:11 PMDollie DeVille

Continued from my New England Shake-Up series- 

On Sunday afternoon Angel and I hit Sturbridge to do a little antique shopping. I had met a couple the night before who told me about a cool hidden antique store down the road. They said it was in a building that looked like a barn, and it was located in the back of a leather goods store called Best Bib & Tucker. 

The minute we walked into this store, our jaw dropped. It was packed with goodies from floor to ceiling. There was clothing (men's, women's and children's), fabric, sewing notions, buttons, patterns, shoes, accessories, and much more. So, naturally I had to take a TON of photos to show you all. 

Look at all of this cute kids clothing! No, I didn't buy anything. But I enjoyed looking at it all! 

There was so many items in this store, yet it was still immaculately organized. Most of the items were displayed like decorations, yet they were all for sale. There were vintage boxes, hat displays, and original vintage packaging. We were in paradise!

Our favorite thing about the store was the fabric selection. There was sooooo much fabric to look at, and it was all organized by print type- atomic, novelty, fruits, veggies, animals, landscape, florals, etc. We could have died, right there! It was so hard to narrow down what to buy. I left with a few outfits, shoes and some harlequin fabric. Yeah, there were multiple harlequin prints!!! These photos ware of some of my favorite prints. 

After shopping we went back to the hotel for the pool party. It was held at the Sturbridge Host Hotel in the indoor pool. Since the pool is indoors the weather is always perfect. The pool has some nice tropical landscaping too. 

There were a lot of great vintage swimsuits. I wore my illusion Catalina "novelty" swimsuit. 

The last thing I did for the day was to visit the mini-golf course in the hotel. It was really cute. It wasn't huge, but you could divinely spend some time there. The putters and balls are free to use. 

Next up is a post about Sunday night! 


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  1. Oh my! The store is incredible! That would have put a serious dent in my budget. Love those fabrics too. Bathing suits are stunners! Thanks for sharing your trip Dollie


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