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New Christmas 2013

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

I thought I would share my Christmas with you all before it gets any later! 

I had my in-laws over for a vegan Christmas dinner, a week or so before Christmas. Here are a few photos of my place setting and decorations!  

We actually celebrated our Christmas on New Years because I was visiting family in Mexico for Christmas. So, we deemed this, New Christmas. On New Christmas Eve we did a nice dinner just the two of us, as is tradition. There was drinking, good food (I made a vegan seitan roast) and dancing! I wore my new top from Desi-Roo and a vintage sharkskin skirt. 

Before we new it, it was New Christmas morning and Santa had left presents and stockings under the vintage aluminum tree! 

We always let the "kids" open their stockings first. They loved their toys. Then we got to open our toys. We are just like big kids on Christmas. My husband is really into Christmas, and showed me the magic of Christmas while we were dating, so it's always a bid deal to us. 

He got me everything I really wanted! He is such a sweetheart. He really tries to make it special. I got him what he asked for and a few little surprises too. We were both surprised that we each got each other engineer boots! Ahhh, rockabilly love!

I made out like a bandit! I love my new Honey perfume from Marc Jacobs and my Minnetonka moccasins. My favorite thing is the custom belt from Warpath. It's the coolest belt of all time!!! I like to always have stupid themes for Zack's Christmas. Last year it was music and the year prior it was "comfort and joy". This year the theme was "made in america". I did pretty well- Chippewa boots, Pointer Brand jeans and jacket, Hometown Jersey, Codina Leather wallet and Dax pomade. He was so happy and surprised with all of his goodies. 

We had a swell New Christmas! I hope you enjoyed your holidays too!


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  1. Awww Dollie, your 'New Christmas' looked perfect! Can't believe how glamorous you look opening your prezzies! I'm going to have to check out that Marc Jacobs perfume too! Vicky x


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