You Might Be Rockabilly If...

9:58 PMDollie DeVille

You have a stack of records here, stack of records there.......

You use all of your vacation time on weekenders...........

Your retirement currency is in the form of Alfred Shaheen's......

You don't have blue suede shoes, but you have some of these....

Your fridge doesn't automatically defrost.....

You brake for antique mall signs.....

Some of your FB friends are Carl Perkins, Johnny Burnette and Charlie Feathers.....

You can tell which side of the bed the man sleeps on......

The word deadstock gets you all hot and bothered.....

You can stroll, bop and jive......

You think used clothing is a perfectly acceptable gift....

You have a lazy good for nothing hound.....

Your gas gauge doesn't work, and neither does your speedometer, or your odometer....... 

How do you stack up? Are you rockabilly?


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm glad everyone has a sense of humor about it.

  2. haha, we're 70% rockabilly.... but working on the other 30% :)

    1. I'm not even a 100% according to this list. We sold that car with no speedometer, gas gauge, etc. ha ha!

  3. I'm nearly all of these! Especially the weekenders! Just got back from my first Rhythm Riot and now I can't wait for next summer!

  4. You can tell which side of the bed the man sleeps on...... grrrr!!!!! I hear ya sista!

    1. I know, right? It never comes out either!! GAH!

  5. Oh.... and we own all of those shoes ..... and some of them in several colors!
    This was a really cute lil' post.

    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun with it. And you can never have too many shoes right?

  6. Ha! All but the hound. I freak out over the hair grease thing. "Don't use my pillow, it will make my face break out and your grease takes the color out of my pillow cases." I am also somehow able to run my 55 out of gas in my driveway and not yet on the road. My Shaheen buying excuse is always, "they are investments, silly."

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  8. I know, that part is especially true for all the hardcore rockabilly fans!

  9. My favorite: "used clothing is a perfectly acceptable gift" and that refrigerator. Thanks for this post.


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