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The New England Shake-Up: Friday Night

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

 Continued from my New England Shake-Up series.....

Before I changed for the night I dropped by the vendor room to check it out. On the way I ran into Sean Mencher. He is such a sweetheart! I was so excited to meet him and he was treating me like he was my biggest fan. It was so funny! He is such a sweet and generous soul. 

All of the vendors were located in one room. The vendors at the Shake-Up was definitely quality over quantity. Every booth had great stuff at great prices. I ended up buying way too much stuff over the course of the weekend. It was just so much cheaper then LA prices! 

Pretty quickly I ran into some friends and met some new ones! The ballroom was really nice. It was large, clean and air conditioned. There were also multiple bars and a bathroom super close. The promoter, Beck Rustic, even had water and cups out for people who wanted it. I wish more weekenders did that! 

The first band up was Leah and her J-Walkers. I had never seen her before. She has a boozy starlet type act. I admire that she can sing like a lounge singer but still play a guitar! 

I wore a vintage atomic print rayon dress. I wasn't quite sure how to dress as seeing this was the first year for the weekender. I heard the East Coast is more relaxed, so I dressed down. Boy was I wrong! Everyone looked great! The other girls brought out Viva type dresses. I felt like a slob all weekend! I guess I know for next year. 

The next band on was the Garnet Hearts. I loved them! They were a very traditional rockabilly band. It seems like traditional is going by the wayside, so it's refreshing to see a good traditional band I haven't seen yet. 

Party time! The beer was cheap, so everyone was in a good mood. I tried a Naraganset for the first time and it was really good. I drank them all weekend. By the end of the weekend I could almost pronounce it correctly! Almost..... Naaarrrraaaa-gannn-set. 

Another band that played on Friday Night was Rocky Velvet. They are a garage style rock and roll band. They did some awesome songs like "King Kong" and "Surfin' Bird". The lead singer has a ton of energy. He never stopped rocking out! They really put on a great show. 

The MC for the weekend was Del. He was working hard as always. He really earns his keep, that's for sure! The head liner for the night was BloodShot bill. He was the only act that night I had actually seen before. He always puts on an entertaining show and has a big crowd. A few guest singers came up also! It was a great end to the night. 

Here is the video I made of the bands that night! 

After the bands ended the DJ's kept the party going. 

Some people partied too hard, but thankfully I was not one of them. I had a full day planned the next day! Stay tuned for my next post about Saturday!


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