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OOTD Social Club: New Hair!

8:36 PMDollie DeVille

I recently got a new haircut so my outfits have been revolving around that. It's been a lot of fun to change it up. These long bangs are very versatile. I showed my hairdresser photos of Bridgette Bardot and she nailed it. I can still do cute 50's looks, but now I can also do some awesome 60's look too! 

I have been working on recreating this look for quite some time. Vintage skirt and tassel necklace from Boston. Modern hat, tights and flats. Not perfect but pretty close! I'm practicing for next years Tiki Oasis theme, Beatnik! 

Vintage Starr dress, grandma's vintage (mink?) wrap, Remix shoes and vintage jewelry. I went to a lovely wedding on the Queen Mary this evening! 

Vintage sweater dress, necklace and bracelet. Modern tights and flats. 

I'm in love with the vintage square dancing dress I got at The Shake Up! 

Vintage embroidered dress, Remix heels, and vintage purse. I took my hubby to a nice birthday dinner for this 30th! 

Vintage top and pants (again from my trip to Boston). Modern flats, vintage fox brooch. 

An outfit from a lovely friend: Vintage pearl necklace, sweater and skirt. Modern flats. 

Bangs still works with glasses, win! 

My muse, Bridgette. 

Fresh from the hairdressers! 

I'm so happy with all the great feedback I have received online so far. Everyone embraced the change! Variety is the spice of life, right?


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  1. Italian rockabilly blues group! Check it out! Maybe you will find it interesting to write about them.


  2. Great looks! I love your glasses, too! Are they vintage?

  3. A fringe (bangs) looks fabulous on you....welcome to the other side!

  4. I didn't even recognize you in the thumbnail for this post. I absolutely LOVE this haircut on you!! (And I'm also super envious of your perfectly coiffed half-beehives and the style with the orange scarf). You look fab!

  5. You already know how amazing i think you look with the bangs! So much so I'm tempted to get mine done :) Do you find it easy to maintain? xox


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