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OOTD Social Club: Halloween!

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

I am a little behind on this post, but better late then never! The theme for the last week of December was Halloween colors and costumes:

Vintage skirt, chartreuse sweater, modern flats. Vintage jewelry and hair flower by Hell Razor Art. 

Trophy Queen top, Freddie's of Pinewood jeans, modern flats. This hairflower was a gift so I don't know who made it but I love it! 

Skirt by Betty Page, modern sweater and jacket from Kholes. Hair flower by Hell Razor Art. 

Coveralls by Nicole Katherine Designs, vintage top and modern bracelet. 

Jeans by Nicole Katherine Designs, vintage top and scarfs. No accessories because sometimes I just forget. 
My Halloween costume this year was Jeannie. The base was a vintage pajama jumper and I made the hat, bolero and belt. 

I needed another costume for a party, so I made a witch outfit with a vintage lace top over a vintage strapless bra, a vintage skirt, fishnets and vintage heels. The hat was a souvenir from Salem.  

Vintage black dress with Halloween hair bow. 

Vintage top with modern skirt and cardigan. Hair flower clip by Uncle Fester. Vintage accessories. 

This was the outfit I wore on Halloween: Vintage skirt, modern top by FCUK, modern jacker and vintage shoes with my souvenir hat from Boston. Sorry, for some reason I had to embed this one to show up. 

Here are some Halloween looks from the ladies of the OOTD Social Club: 

Make sure to tag #OOTDsocialclub in your outfit photos! 


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  1. Wow, great post! So many awesome outfits!! My fav is the crab one though, it's cute and fun :) xx

  2. Great outfits! I love the hair flower with the eye.


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