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New England Shake-Up: Pre Party

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

We made it to the Sturbridge Host Hotel after a quick drive from Boston. The hotel was lovely! It was in a sleepy little town, right on a lake, and surrounded by trees. The inside of the hotel was decorated like a log cabin with the focal point being a large stone fireplace. 

The property was gorgeous! There is a fountain, a fire pit, a boat house for the paddle boats and a picnic area. There was also mini golf and restaurants, a liquor store and a pub within walking distance. 

The hotel has an in-door pool also. It was pretty cool! The hotel room patios boarder the pool so some of the people had decorated their balconies for the weekend with flags, lights and party decorations. 

The inside of the rooms were nice too. No complaints there! 

After we had checked into our hotel room and freshened up we headed to the pre-party. The pre-party was held in the hotel's pub. Trash Only and Bloodshot Bill were the DJs for the evening. There was a small floor for dancing. It took people a while to warm up, so I had to be the first one on the dance floor to get people out there. Everyone started warming up after a few drinks though! 

It was a small group at the pre-party. I think most of the people that came were locals and they arrived later in the weekend. Since it was a small group I used that as an opportunity to introduce myself to everyone there. These aren't the best pictures (I guess east coasters don't like taking photos), but they were all I got of the pre-party. I didn't even get a photo of my outfit, oh well! 

We got to bed early that night because we had a fun filled day planned. Stay tuned for that post!

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  1. How cool that you are got to visit the "right coast!" New England is so pretty, especially in the fall with the leaves changing! This event looks like it was fun! I look forward to your next post!


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