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Holiday Shopping Guide: Le Keux Cosmetics

12:30 PMDollie DeVille

Just in time for the holiday season: 

I was recently sent some products from Birmingham based Le Keux Cosmetics for review. I initially saw Le Keux Cosmetics at a booth at the Viva Las Vegas car show last year. I was immediatly drawn to the beautiful packaging. I knew I needed to get some because they would look right at home on my vanity table. So I was so excited when they contacted me!

I like that the Le Keux is a small cosmetics line. Sometimes it is daunting to narrow down what lip color you want when there are 20 different reds that all look the same. Le Keux has three products in the line- one black gel eyeliner and two lipstick paints. They come with the perfect dual ended application brush. Their products are also cruelty-free and vegan! 

 Le Keux has one-red-suits-all lip paint called "Whistle Bait". This color is highly pigmented and versatile. It can be worn three different ways. If you want a glossy lip, you apply one coat and mix with other gloss or balm. If you want a matte look you powder it after application with a translucent loose powder. If you want a bold nighttime look you apply an additional coat after the powder coat for a glamorous look. You can even mix in the eye liner for a darker noir red, or add in the other lip color for a coral color.

Using the Peachy Keen lip pot

The other lip color is call Peachy Keen and it is the perfect peach color for spring and summer. It is a my new go-to for my 1960's looks. You can wear it three ways just like the red lip paint.  
Black Cadillac eyeliner and Whistle Bait on Halloween! The perfect look for holiday parties! 

Their high pigment gel eyeliner is called Black Cadillac. Paired with the applicator brush it is so easy to create the perfect cat eye. I am terrible with cat eyes and this set really made it easy for me. When your pot is new, just make sure to really warm it up by working the brush in, swirling it around until the brush is nicely loaded up. 

Hint from Santa's Little Socialite: Le Keux's Whistle Bait would make the perfect gift without all of the guess work! Consider it for the a fashionable friend, little sister or even grandma. These products make a perfect stocking stuffer for a special lady in your life ( That's for you husbands!). All of these products can be bought on their website. Order asap to get it in time for Christmas! Le Keux even has tutorial videos on their Youtube channel. You can also visit them on Facebook,  or drop by The Vintage Salon if you are in the area. 

Thank you to Le Keux for sending me these products for review, I adore them!


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