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CD Review: The Rockats

9:30 PMDollie DeVille

I was recently sent some CDs for review from Lanark Records. One of them was an album from The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns (see review). The other was Rockin' Together from The Rockats. 

A brief history: The Rockats have been together since the late 1970's. They were very influential in the 80's neo-billy movement, if not the original leaders. Levi Dexter even fronted the band for a few years back in the day (Levi and The Rockats).

Lanark Records brought The Rockats- Dibbs Preston (vocals), Smutty Smiff (slap bass), Barry Ryan (guitar), Danny B. Harvey (guitar), Lewis King (drums) and Mike Osborn (drums)- back together for this album. Rockin' Together is their first release since 2004 (Wild Love) and was debuted at Viva Las Vegas last year. The album features 12 original tracks. It was produced, engineered and mixed by Quentin Jones at Lanark Records.

Even if neo-billy isn't your favorite type of music, you can't deny the impact The Rockats have had on the modern rockabilly movement. It's an amazing feat that Lanark Records has brought them back together for this album! Lanark is "...not interested in re-creating songs from the past. We are interested in making new recordings with established artists with the feel and familiarity of their past hits, but with a sound that is current." I think they hit the nail on the head with this one.

Fun Fact: The liner notes for the album were written by Lewis King, DC Larson and none other than Brian Setzer!

Holiday Shopping Guide Tip:  This album is a must for the teddy boy on your Christmas list! 

Visit The Rockats on Facebook and buy the new album directly from Lanark Records! Also, you can see The Rockats at Viva Las Vegas next year on the Lanark stage.


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  1. I saw The Rockats many a time back in the early 1980's in New York City. I even saw them open for The Pretenders at The Palladium. Great live band. (Rob)

  2. Fine review.
    For those interested in a (slightly) longer history of the band, I started to write one on my website the Rockabilly Chronicle.


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