Dollie Goes To Salem Town!

10:55 PMDollie DeVille

At the end of last month I went to New England for a girls' getaway. My husband had a tour scheduled with his band so I planned a trip with my friend, Angel Jervis. I took a red-eye flight from LAX to Boston, Massachusetts. I arrived at 8am and we were rearin' to go. We drove straight into Salem. I had never been to New England and was so excited to see Salem. I couldn't get there soon enough!

The drive alone was a sight to be seen. The landscape in this part of the country is very different from where I live (2,900 miles away). I could tell even from the airplane that the homes here are very close together, the roads are narrow, and everything is surrounded by trees and other greenery. It was beautiful and much different then the planned communities of Southern California.

We stayed at the historic Hawthorne Hotel. The Hawthorne Hotel was opened in 1925 and is reported to be haunted. Episodes of Bewitched and Ghost Hunters have even been filmed there. It was a beautiful hotel and centrally located. We were able to walk all around Salem from the hotel.

We got to look around the Peabody Essex museum briefly. The architecture was stunning!  

A little bit of the town. 

Then we went for a tour of the Salem Witch Museum. The museum presentation reminded me of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. It was made about the same time and the scenes look similar. Basically you sit in a centralized pit and watch a story play out around the room with mannequins, lights and sounds. After the presentation they give you a live tour through the museum addition. At the end, the museum drops you off in a gift shop. They had a great selection of unique (handmade?) witch hats. The hats were a cute and cheap souvenir so we both got one and continued wearing it around all day. We got a lot of complements on them. You think the people of Salem would be tired of witch hats, but they seemed like they had never seen them before. We kept getting asked where they were from!

For lunch we went to a cute little seafood restaurant on the water called Victoria Station. You can see historic boats docked right outside the restaurant while you eat on the patio. The weather was starting to cool off by this time, and it was most noticeable here, so we chose to eat inside. I had a autumn salad that was really great. There was an antique mall next door that we got to look around in after lunch. The prices were pretty fair here, especially for a tourist destination. I ended up getting 3 Bakelite bracelets that I really liked about $40 each. 

My favorite store in Salem was Modern Millie. Modern Millie is a vintage/vintage styled clothing and accessories store. The store is full of hidden gems in every little nook and cranny. The displays are set up beautifully, the store was organized well and the mannequins offer a lot of outfit inspiration. I made out like a bandit here- Lurex, Lame, printed rayon- oh my! I left with a bag full of dresses for just about $150. I will include these scores in a future post with all of the spoils from this trip. Trust me, there were a lot. I was literally spoiled rotten on this trip! 

We went to dinner at a pub across from our hotel, The Old Spot. It seemed like a pretty hip place. There was a good crowd and even better drinks. We both tried a flight of some unique brews. We shared some pumpkin ravioli that was to die for. We finished off the meal with a round of snake bites. That's close enough to dessert right? What a wicked meal! 

After dinner we had reservations for a ghost tour. After quite a bit of research we booked our tour with Dr. Vitka of Spellbound Tours. He was awesome! He give us an informative and energetic tour. He was also very personable and friendly. It turns out that he is also into Rockabilly Music and chatted us up about Viva Las Vegas. It's a small rockabilly world, is it not? 

The ghost tour lasted about two hours and took us walking all over the town. We got to see the location where Giles Cory was pressed to death, the insane asylum, the church, the Bewitched statue and much more. We also got to see lots and lots of grave yards, including the second oldest one in America.  

After the tour we went to get a drink with Dr. Vitka. It was the perfect ending to the tour because he told us even more of the town's secrets. We met another person that evening who was on a business trip and staying in the same hotel. He insisted on buying everyone's drinks for the the entire night. Everyone in New England is sooooo nice! 

Stay tuned for my next post about our day in Boston. 


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  1. Love it! We went to Boston on a whim last March... Like being in a different country. I have been anxiously waiting to hear all about your trip! (We also hail from the South of California... )

  2. I can't believe you didn't post the pic of the giant spooky boob you caught on camera!


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