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OOTD Social Club: Fall In Love With Atomic Prints!

10:37 PMDollie DeVille

Hello friends! I missed two weeks of OOTD so I decided to put it all into one epic OOTD post. I have been busy the last few weeks, including going to The New England Shake Up and The School Of Rock'n'Roll weekend. I am still working on those posts, but in the mean time, here are the outfits I wore:

One of my favs: Vintage harlequin top, pink velvet capris and accessories. Shoes are modern by Remix. 

Vintage fleck gabardine dress and wool sweater. Modern oxfords by American Rag. 

Vintage day dress, sweater and accessories. Modern wedges by Remix. 

Vintage yellow and black printed cotton dress. Shoes by Remix. Modern souvenir lobster hat. I love this hat! 

Vintage atomic novelty print dress. Vintage accessories. Modern shoes by Remix. 

Vintage Mexican circle skirt. Modern sweater, shoes, and witch hat. 

Vintage autumn floral dress. Vintage accessories. Shoes by Remix. 

Vintage Catalina "Novelty" one piece. 

All modern for work this day!

Vintage peridot lame dress

Vintage gold lurex dress 

Vintage top, skirt and accessories. Modern heels from Target. 

And now, for the main event: The foxy ladies of OOTD Social Club: 

Do I have some good looking friends or what? Don't feel left out, join the fun! Just hashtag OOTDsocialclub and you may see your pic here next week. This weeks OOTD theme is inclusive for gals and gents all over the world: 


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