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OOTD: Dress For Your Season

8:58 PMDollie DeVille

The theme last week was an easy one: Dress For Your Season. I have readers all over the word and everyone has a unique climate to dress for. I live in sunny southern California, but by office is an ice box. That means I just get to wear whatever I want. 

We never get severe weather in this area. It could be 75 degrees on Christmas Day. The way I see it is that if I want to participate in the seasons, I have to make it happen. So, I still dress in warm fall tones, floral and wool in fall, and dark tones, firs, and stockings in winter. I get the diversity of dressing for the seasons with out worrying if my footwear is rain proof (it never is). 

Sweater, skirt, heels and brooch. All vintage.  

I learned all about La Chilindrina when I showed up to my office in this outfit. Vintage dress, modern sweater and wedges by Remix. 

Vintage top, jacked and skirt. Vintage bakelite. Wedges by Remix.

Vintage rayon top, Freddie's Jeans and vintage shoes. 

Vintage top, vintage pink petal pushers, and modern flats. 

Pretty in peach dress. Shoes by Remix. Vintage Bakelite. 

Vintage squaw set, vintage bakelite and Remix wedges. 

Here are my lovely readers dressing for their season! Looks like we are fashionably conquering all climates! My collage app was being buggy, so I couldn't use the larger collage and include every photo. I tried multiple times and even pushed back dinner until 9 pm. No luck! I did try and include everyone once though. 

This weeks theme is: Halloween! Besides costumes, you also wear black, orange, purple, green....get creative with it. It's the perfect time to bring out the fun accessories too. I can't wait to see what you all come up with! 


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  1. I love it all, but especially that dress ans sweater! Im totally going to snatch that idea of using the dress belt over the sweater - perfect way to tie it all together!

    1. Thank you! That was kind of a stroke of early morning genius. :)

  2. I ordered this dress for my sister wedding and I was too scared that it will not come but they surprised me by sending the dress two weeks earlier thanks a lot the designer.


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