Tiki Vacations


8:47 PMDollie DeVille

After our day in Boston we headed to Sturbridge for The New England Shake Up. On the way there were stopped at a popular road side attraction: Kowloon. 

Kowloon was opened in 1950 and has been a kitschy masterpiece ever since. 

It is a multi-room restaurant, bar, lounge and banquet hall. All of the rooms are themed differently, such as the Volcano Bay room (also called the Boat Room), the Tiki Lagoon, the Luau Room and more. 

This family owned restaurant specializes in Polynesian, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese food. The food was amazing! We had a few veggie dishes, including these amazing spicy green beans that I have been trying to recreate. They are actually on the stove as I type this! Angel and I also shared a scorpion bowl. The drinks were great!

After Kowloon we continued on to the Sturbridge Host Hotel for the New England Shake-Up. Posts coming soon!


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