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Hump Day: Looking Forward To The Weekend

7:19 PMDollie DeVille

Hello lovelies! Lots of great shows going on this Halloween weekend. Lots of parties too! What are you plans? If you need ideas, how about these?


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  1. I was catching up on my reading and I saw the post on Wives with Beehives. At first I was super excited! A show after my own heart!!! And with people I "knew" from reading their blogs. I thought how did I miss this post??? But after reading your experience I was so sad! I tried to find show on-line, but I am glad I didn't. I am so sorry that turned out to be such a horrible experience and that they used everyone and their emotions in a twisted way. BOO! So I watched your You-Tube videos instead. Please post more!!! Long time reader here! Kim

    1. Thanks! Yes, I will have more on YouTube soon!


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