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CD Review: The Caezars Welcome To The Mainstream

8:00 AMDollie DeVille

Danny of the English Rock and Roll band The Caezars recently sent me their second album, Welcome To The Mainstream for review. Their first album was a big hit (as well as their US performances), so I couldn't wait to hear what they had created for the second album. After catching up with Danny "O" a bit I learned that not only was the band busy in the studio this past year, but they also added a new member and started doing more songs on electric bass. 

Danny also filled me in on the new record. Welcome To The Mainstream was recorded in Darrel Higham's studio, produced by Imelda May's engineer team, and was released on Darrel's label Ambassador Records. Imelda herself sang background vocals on a few of the tracks. The recording quality on this album is stellar. You can really tell how much work was put into it. The sleeve design was really nice also.  

Some of the songs on this new album were reworked from the prior EP, Worth The Attention, including Heartache Overload, She's My Miss, and She Said. I loved those songs and was glad to hear the new recordings of them. 

The title song, Welcome To The Mainstream, shows how The Caezars' have really nailed down their signature and unique young English garage rock sound. As a band their sound is so identifiable. No one is doing what they are doing right now, that's for sure. 

I really enjoyed the song "I am bad". It is very much an anthem for rebellious youth. That theme is really carried out throughout all of their songs, including their newest hit, "When I'm Not A Foolish Kid." 

The official video for "When I'm Not a Foolish Kid" is on youtube: 

I love this video! I just can't help but worry about how they cleaned up those nice outfits of theirs! 

You can buy this record directly from their website. 

Thanks again to Danny and the guys for sending me this album to review! I hope to see you all again very soon!


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  1. I love The Caezars! They're a local band from where I'm from so I've backed them since the beginning - they deserve all their success!


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