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Tiki Oasis 2013: Sunday

4:58 PMDollie DeVille

On Sunday we slept in a little bit and after a quick breakfast at a cute vintage dinner we headed back to the Crown Plaza. I wore a vintage 5 piece seer sucker set (shorts, a bra top, a button up shirt, skirt, capri pants and two matching belts). This worked out well for the day because we had to check out of our hotel that morning so I needed something I could layer throughout the day. 

Our first stop was the car show. The car show seemed bigger this year. There were lots of cool vendors, some rad trailers and a live tiki totem caver. Charles Phoenix was also there doing some interviews. Hopefully we will see them on his website soon. 

There were even bands at the car show this year. They couldn't have booked a better band: Roy Rapid and The Rhythm Rock Trio (San Diego). This guys are always a hoot! 

Afterward we went to check out the art show. The art show is really nice and quiet, perfect for walking around and enjoying the pieces. My favorite artist is always Atomikitty. Her stuff is beautiful (see bottom right). I loved Bunny Yeager's photography booth (top left of collage). The gentleman working the booth for her, Ed Christin, was so friendly and helpful. He told me all about Bunny Yeager's career and showed me all of her pictures. I learned so much! The award for the best decorated booth went to KreatureKid for his voodoo display (main photo and left center). It was amazing! He was selling all of his figures and some cool glow in the dark voodoo necklaces (bottom center). I need to get one! 

Here is was, Sunday afternoon and we hadn't gone into the pool at The Crown Plaza yet. So we finally joined the all weekend pool party. Lucky La Rocka was DJing at the pool, which is always a treat. Unlike other weekenders like Viva, people at Tiki Oasis actually go in the water. The hotel also allows floaties and beach balls so the pool was full of them.  It is a very fun environment, not a fashion show or cat walk. 

The hotel itself is very beautiful. There are a lot of water features, tiki decorations and intricate landscaping. It made for wonderful photo ops, which is why so many photographers set up shoots throughout the weekend. 

The last official T.O. event of the weekend was held inside the hotel in the Grand Hanalei Ballroom. For the evening I threw on my matching button up and skirt and I was ready to continue the party! 

The first act on for the night was El Vez (Seattle). I had never seen El Vez before and boy, was I blown away! Whatever they paid him was not enough for the performance he gave. I just kept thinking, "however much you paid him, double it!" El Vez did some traditional Elvis cover songs as well as parodies of  songs such as Jungle Book's "I want to be like you".  His songs were really unique and told a different story then the original song intended. While he preformed he would do kicks, the splits and dance all over the stage. The best part of the show had to be his multiple outfit changes including rip off pants, multiple jumpsuits and a feather headdress. It was quite possibly the most entertaining show I have ever seen. I really hope I have the pleasure of seeing him again! 

The last act of the weekend was none other then Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys (Long Beach). I hadn't seen this much dancing all weekend! They really got people out on the dance floor. The highlight of the show was when an old friend of Robert's brought a surprise gift to the stage to celebrate the bands' 25 year anniversary. It was the very first release the band put out, which was on cassette tape. Robert said he didn't have a copy of it anymore so it was cool to see that. Congrats to Big Sandy for going 25 years strong! 

I thought I would share my loot from the weekend. I won a t-shirt and some Deadhead rum with my awesome music trivia knowledge. The harlequin top is from Clever Vintage. That will be coming to my next weekender for sure! I thought the orange plazzo jumpsuit was really cool. I love the fabric and the Mandarin collar, but I loved it more when I saw that it was a Shaheen. I thought the price was fair so I bought it. I think I will have to wear this to Palm Springs soon!

Tiki Oasis was great. I enjoyed sharing it with you all. I highly recommend checking it out next year! 


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  1. I've loved El Vez for years, I'm glad to see he's still performing

  2. Looks like it was an awesome weekender. I love that jumpsuit on you!


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